Summary: Based on Acts 2:42-47 - Reminds hearers that both discipleship & evangelism are the work of the Church.

“BOTH/AND” Acts 2:42-47

FBCF – 1/16/22

Jon Daniels

INTRO – Lot of messages going out to the world today:

- Deepak Chopra – Start a pandemic of joy

- Jewish rabbi at Bob Saget’s funeral: "Just about how heartbroken everybody is in the world … One of the things that's so amazing about Bob is that the more you read people's comments, everybody in the world, all of his celebrity friends, they all say the same thing. … He was the nicest, sweetest, warmest, most loving guy, and always showing up for everybody…In a sense, the title of his podcast says it all about Bob Saget, because he titled his podcast ‘Bob Saget's Here for You,’ and that was Bob Saget — he was here for you," he added. "No matter who you were, how he knew you, he showed up for anything he was ever asked to do. He was there, caring, loving, supporting. ... he was just one of those mensches, we like to say in Hebrew, one of these sweet, loving souls."

We are the ones who have THE message that needs to get out there – the life-changing message of the Gospel! It’s ONLY through Jesus that we can have true joy! It’s ONLY through Jesus that our souls can truly be changed by His unconditional love!

EXPLANATION – Birth of my grandson, Hudson – joyous occasion. Not without pain & struggle. But end result was amazing & awesome!

This passage is about the birth of the Church! Not without pain & struggle, but end result that a amazing & awesome!

- Acts 1:8 – “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…”

- Acts 2 – Day of Pentecost – Holy Spirit comes. Peter preaches. 3000 people saved. And the Church is born!

APPLICATION – Discipleship leads to evangelism, & evangelism leads to discipleship. And it’s what the Church is all about!

It’s a total Church thing! Every verse speaks to the Church’s involvement:

- V. 42 – “…they…themselves…”

- V. 43 – “…every soul…”

- V. 44 – “And ALL who believed were TOGETHER…”

- V. 45 – “…they…their…to all as any had need…”

- V. 46 – “…together…in their homes…they received their food…”

- V. 47 – “And the Lord added to their number…”

The Church – Not a country club. Not a civic organization. Not a profit-driven company.

Tired of people bashing the Church. Even people inside the church bad-mouth the Church. Complain about it. Undermine its leadership. Factions, infighting, schisms, cliques.

Not perfect. Even early Church quickly began to have problems, issues to deal with.

- Ananias & Sapphira – Acts 5:1-11

- Complaining about folks not getting their food – Acts 6:1-7

- Simon the magician – Acts 8:9-24

- I’m sure there were those who wouldn’t serve when there was a need – Or those who said, “I’ve done my time. It’s time for someone else to serve.”

Not perfect, but the Church IS:

- The Body of Christ

o Different parts w/ different functions

o All parts of one body

o Jesus is the Head

- The Family of God – All families are imperfect.

- The People of God – On mission with God to do His work of BOTH discipleship & evangelism.


- To biblical teaching – v. 42

- To biblical fellowship – v. 42

- To biblical prayer – v. 42


- Strengthened their awe of God – v. 43

- Strengthened their love & concern for one another – v. 44-45

- Strengthened their corporate worship – v. 46a

- Strengthened their fellowship – v. 46b

- Strengthened their favor w/ outsiders – v. 47a


- V. 47

- Acts 4:4; 5:14; 11:24


We’ve got to press forward in BOTH discipleship & evangelism!

- #W1D1 – Win 1/Disciple 1

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