Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Just because you were born into a family with a strong Christian heritage, does not guarantee you have a home in heaven.

Bound by the Lord’s purposes.

Rom. 9: 6 -- 33. 08/03/03

The first part of verse six carries our minds back to what Paul said in vs. 1 -- 5. There, we are reminded that the Jews had been the recipients of many divine gifts. When you think about it, they were the recipients of many impressive blessings of God. The prophets were Jews. Prophecy concerning the coming of the Messiah was given to them. God gave them many things. He gave them a covenant and they broke it. He gave them a land and they polluted it. He gave them the law and they violated it. So, just because they had been given these great gifts did not guarantee they would go to heaven.

Paul wants his Jewish readers to understand that salvation is a divine experience. Salvation always begins and ends with God. God is in absolute control of the salvation of man’s soul.

When we investigate these vs. tonight we find the first of all a DIVINE SELECTION. Look at the second part of verse 6 through 13.

In these vs., Paul points out that just being a part of the Jewish nation did not mean that one was saved. In other words, it is not about family. Just because they could trace their lineage back to Abraham did not make that person right with God.

This needs to be remembered by folks today. Just because you were born into a family with a strong Christian heritage, does not guarantee you have a home in heaven. To get to heaven you must be born again by faith.

Paul gives them an illustration here. Abraham had two sons. The one Ishmael and the other Isaac. Both were the sons of Abraham put on one, Isaac, was chosen to carry forth God’s purpose.

Now I want to say there are some things God did and that God does that we cannot explain. It is the Providence of God. Paul gives reference to this in our texts. Reference is made to the sons of Isaac. Esau, the first born was rejected by God, while Jacob the second born was preferred by God. The choice was made before these boys were born into the world. Now why was the distinction made between these two boys before they were born? The answer is solely the Providence of God. But when you read about the lives of Ishmael, Esau and their descendants, their open rebellion against God, his people and his law, then you can only say God’s purpose was proven right by their performance.

We see not only the divine selection but also the DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY. Look at vs. 14 -- 29.

As we read these vs., you realize we have stepped out in some deep waters. The question may be asked, isn’t God unfair to choose some and to reject others before they are born? This may even be the question on your heart. After all, the AREN’T ALL MEN created equal? Of course that is man’s saying not God’s. But God is always fair and just in his dealings with man.

Paul uses to more illustrations from Israel’s history to prove his point. He first draws our attention to Exodus 33. Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Commandments in his hand. The Israelites had given themselves over to idolatry. Moses called for them who were on the Lord’s side to join him. The Levites did so. These faithful men were commanded to slay the rebels and they killed 3000 men that day. All the Israelites should have been killed but God in his sovereignty only allowed 3000 to die as a warning to the rest. Justice demanded that all be killed but Grace saved some.

Then we are called to look at the case of Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was a man who thought he ruled Egypt. He thought himself to be a god. But listen! Pharaoh was reminded by God that he had been placed on the throne of Egypt so that God might use him to demonstrate the power of God over humanity, rulers and kingdoms.

Now some of you might be thinking, what if a person wants to the saved? Does that mean that they cannot be saved unless they had been chosen by God? Listen! If a person wants to be saved then he can be. But he will never get saved without conviction. The Holy spirit convicts us of sin and needing a savior.

Folks, it isn’t God that condemns man, it is sin. Men do not go to hell because they are sent by God, they go to hell because they are sinners. Sinners do not seek God for about the same reason the thief doesn’t seek a policeman.

Our last point is DIVINE SALVATION. That is found in vs. 30 -- 33.

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