Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 3rd sermon in the series "Faith Under Fire".

Series: Faith Under Fire (Daniel)[#3]


Daniel 3:1-30


I want to ask you a couple of question:

Question #1: If Christians were being arrested, would you be arrested?

Question #2: If you were arrested but could be set free by denying Christ would you?

Daniel’s three friends experienced the situation. Their choice was to bow to the image of Nebuchadnezzar or burn.

Christians, we have to choose whether to bow to the ways of the world or burn in persecution for Christ.


Daniel 3:1-12

These young men knew they would be in trouble, but they remained true to God. If you conform, no one knows what side you stand on; but if you stand firm you are going to be noticed. Christian are you committed to Christ at any cost or are you like a chameleon that changes colors to the environment they are in?


Daniel 3:13-15

These young men now had a way to save their lives; just conform. It wasn’t a big deal to give on this in order to save their life, right? Of course that’s wrong; but we often try to justify our sinfulness.

Christians we have the same choice: We can stand firm or we can “go with the flow”.

Luke 9:23-26


Daniel 3:16-30

These young men did not hesitate. They were assured in their own hearts that God would save them and even if He didn’t rescue them from the furnace that He was still in control. The king was furious and wanted them destroyed; but it wasn’t long before he changed his attitude. Because he saw the God of these three young men at work, he declared that no one could say anything bad about their God.

Christians, God just wants you to stand firm during difficult times. He will do the rest. Stop trying to do God’s part and just be faithful to God.


Is serving Christ worth the risk?

What if Jesus would have taken Himself off the cross?

Jesus was with those three young men; and in times when we stand for Christ, He will see you through. When no one else will stand with you, Jesus will be there.

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