Summary: Deals with Saul and the witch of Endor

The Bread of Death


Bread, a life-sustaining food source, consumed, broken down by the body, and made energy. But there is another bread, the bread of life, which is sustaining to the soul. I perceive Jesus gives this bread of life, yet also I believe everything has its contradictory. Thus, if there is a bread of life, its implicit there must be a bread of death. My acknowledgment is Jesus gives the bread of life, so consequently Satan must provide the bread of death.



Israel is now confronting a trying time, Samuel has died 2 years ago at age 98. Saul has now reigned 40 years, and is at least in his 60’s.

We find Israels 1st king, and his armies 25 miles southwest of the sea of Galilee, encamped at Mount Gilboa.

Saul, gazing sees the numbers of the Philistines, they were more numerous,

better armed, and with more morale.

Looking over the apparent horizon, his sprit begins to fail him, his wickedness are set before his eyes.

His memory was recalled to the guilty blood of the Amalekites which he had spared, and the innocent blood of the priest he had spilt.

The skeletons came marching out of his closet and robbed him of everything he had, his sins took his courage.

Standing on the dusty plains of Gilboa, Saul wants comfort from this great perplexity that come on him.

He begun to seek God, yet God answered him not, neither by dreams, nor by Urim, nor by the prophets.

With nothing from God, in a vein attempt to know if he would be triumphant over the philistines, he decides to go knocking on Hells Gates

With a swift command to his servants "seek me a woman with a familiar sprit."

The servant gives The King an answer, "There is a woman with a familiar spirit at Endor."

This mighty King, has now became a slave to his own sins.

As the Sun puts 0on her scarlet night gown and goes to bed, as dark is settling across the land of Palestine, Saul is preparing for a 6 miles journey.

With dark settled across the land, the King begins to make his journey afoot from Mt Gilboa to the small village of Endor.

As the trip begins to come to an end, and Israels king nears Endor, in the vain distance, he spots a dim light penetrating the shadows of his terror.

Moving closer, he comes to the acknowledgment it’s a candle light flickering from a cave hewn out of a mountain.

Upon arrival he spots animal skins draped over the entrance to this terrifying, shivery, nostalgic looking cave.

In Disguise, for hope of no one recognize him, he takes his hand, and begins to move the skin from over the door, to reveal this witch surrounded with candles, and inscens burning, giving the smell, and feel of satanic hosts.

Shivers ran down the spine as Saul peered through the streaks of light to see a small, grey headed woman...

With gnarled, hands, long fingers, grey stringy hair down past her shoulders, coarse leathery skin, and eyes the could seeming penetrate the soul.

Oh Saul knew he wasn’t in the right place, he knew he was knocking on Hells Gates.

He was in deplorable a condition, jealousy of David, despised by his own son, and ridiculed by the people of his own kingdom.

His last resort was to journey the "Road to Endor"

Upon entrance, the witch informs Saul she is afraid, for The King has put away those who have familiar sprits,

Yet Saul assures this woman no harm would come to her. "bring me up Samuel"

At this instances in time this woman knows this is Saul, yet through his assurance, she is calmed, and is promised no harm.

With the caldrons brewing in the back ground, the witch begins to chant words of Satanic origin, with an attempt to intercommunicate with the dead, she chants hey sayings.

Saul, curious to know what the woman seen, she makes the statement, "I saw god’s descending out of the Earth"

(Read vs 14)

This man only perceived it was Samuel, and he bows himself on the ground, never seeing or knowing this wasn’t Samuel, yet a demon sprit.

To think that a good sprit would be permitted to come up at the beck of an evil lone is absurd.

Had this been the true Samuel, he would of told Saul to repent, and make his peace with God.

Laying on the dirty damp floor of this cave, Saul receives the message from Satan, you will die in battle tomorrow

(Read vs. 24 & 25)

Saul hasent eaten all the day long, nor night. By now its probably midnight.

The witch makes the offer to make some bread for the king before he goes, so that his strength may return to him,

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