Summary: Proposition: Every person can find satisfaction in the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ, if they will believe he is who he said he is.

TITLE: I am the Bread of Life.

Text: Jn 6:25–40;


1. Bread – source of nourishment; staple of the table; also used during special celebrations (Passover);

2. Feelings of hunger pains – We all have spiritual hunger pains.

The Beggar and the Bread

A beggar came and sat before me. “I want bread,” he said.

“How wise you are,” I assured him. “Bread is what you need. And you have come to the right bakery.” So I pulled my cookbook down from my shelf and began to tell him all I knew about bread.

I spoke of flour and wheat, of grain and barley. My knowledge impressed even me as I cited the measurements and recipe. When I looked up, I was surprised to see he wasn’t smiling. “I just want bread,” he said.

“How wise you are.” I applauded his choice. “Follow me, and I’ll show you our bakery.” Down the hallowed halls I guided him, pausing to point out the rooms where the dough is prepared and the ovens where the bread is baked.

“No one has such facilities. We have bread for every need. But here is the best part,” I proclaimed as I pushed open two swinging doors. “This is our room of inspiration.” I knew he was moved as we stepped into the auditorium full of stained-glass windows.

The beggar didn’t speak. I understood his silence. With my arm around his shoulder, I whispered, “It overwhelms me as well.” I then leaped to the podium and struck my favorite pose behind the lectern. “People come from miles to hear me speak. Once a week my workers gather, and I read to them the recipe from the cookbook of life.”

By now the beggar had taken a seat on the front row. I knew what he wanted. “Would you like to hear me?”

“No,” he said, “but I would like some bread.”

“How wise you are,” I replied. And I led him to the front door of the bakery. “What I have to say next is very important,” I told him as we stood outside. “Up and down this street you will find many bakeries. But take heed; they don’t serve the true bread. I know of one who adds two spoons of salt rather than one. I know of another whose oven is three degrees too hot. They may call it bread,” I warned, “but it’s not according to the book.”

The beggar turned and began walking away. “Don’t you want bread?” I asked him.

He stopped, looked back at me, and shrugged, “I guess I lost my appetite.”

I shook my head and returned to my office. “What a shame,” I said to myself. “The world just isn’t hungry for true bread anymore.” (Max Lucado, A Gentle Thunder : Hearing God Through the Storm (Dallas, TX: Word Pub., 1995), 41.)

Proposition: Every person can find satisfaction in the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ, if they will believe he is who he said he is.

Transition: *** Set the stage: After feeding the 5000 – Jesus supplied their physical need ¬ Now he would show them their spiritual need. Jesus crossed over the Sea of Galilee during the night (this is when Peter walks on the water) and they arrive in Capernaum. The people followed- why?

I. Why did they seek bread?

a. Physical refreshment

b. Didn’t understand Jesus’ offer (vs. 28)

c. Looking for a Prophet Dt. 18:15

i. Sign of God’s power

ii. Moses provided manna (vs. 31)

iii. Jesus corrected (vs. 32-33)

Transition: _It is interesting to compare the manna to Jesus Christ:

(1) It came from heaven at night; Christ came from heaven when men were in darkness.

(2) It fell on the dew; Christ came, born of the Spirit of God.

(3) It was not defiled by the earth; Christ was sinless, separate from sinners.

(4) It was small, round, and white, suggesting His humility, eternality, and purity.

(5) It was sweet to the taste; Christ is sweet to those who trust Him.

(6) It had to be taken and eaten; Christ must be received and appropriated by faith (1:12–13).

(7) It came as a free gift; Christ is the free gift of God to the world.

(8) There was sufficient for all; Christ is sufficient for all.

(9) If you did not pick it up, you walked on it; if you do not receive Christ, you reject Him and walk on Him (see Heb. 10:26–31).

(10) It was wilderness food; Christ is our food in this pilgrim journey to heaven.


II. What did Jesus offer? Bread of Life

a. Never go hungry/ thirsty (vs. 35)

b. Spiritual satisfaction

Transition: _Not only did Jesus offer spiritual satisfaction, His Father backed it with an ironclad guarantee.

III. God’s Guarantee

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