Summary: This sermon talks about letting go of the past and pushing forward to the destiny that God is calling you to.

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Press – to act on with steady force, push steadily against, to squeeze

1. Find purpose:

If I were to ask everyone in this room today “What is your purpose in life?” I would probably get several different answers. Those answers would be good, but they are all secondary purposes. The question is what is your primary purpose in life? In other words, what is your reason for living? Everything in creation has a primary purpose, or a reason for existing. For anyone or anything to be successful, it must fulfill that purpose.

Every individual that God has created has a primary purpose. Our lives will be without meaning - we’ll be failures - unless we find out what is our purpose is.

The seeds of potential that God has planted inside of you are just waiting to blossom into your divine destiny and purpose. But often times something is stunting the growth. Something is cutting off the supply of nutrients needed and is hindering that seed from growing into the full size. It could be our own insecurities, lack of confidence, past hurts or the opinions of someone else. Whatever the obstacle we need to deal with it and began to encourage ourselves so that the seed of goodness can grow. The transformation and the ability to overcome depression, sin, rebellion, pride, whatever is hindering us begins when we recognize and understand not who we are but whose we are, which develop who we really are. Our circumstances are hindrances to seeing God’s abilities in us.

2. Forget the past:

You cannot enter your tomorrow as long as you hold on to your past. You must let go. Many times people say they will forgive but they will not forget. But the fact of the matter is you must forget. If you don’t once something similar occurs you will just bring that issue back up. We tend to hold onto those things that we are familiar with whether they are good or bad. It’s time to leave the safe and familiar behind. If you want to make the most of your life, you must be willing to plunge ahead into unchartered territory. Only then will you be challenged and stretched. Challenge brings growth, which in turn can bring success.

You can’t look backwards and forward at the same time (Luke 9:62) Paul, just like all of us had a past to forget. He had tortured and murdered many innocent people. He had caused a lot of pain and had done much damage to the cause of Christ.

But, now he was faced with a choice. He could either dwell on his mistakes or let them ruin his life and his chance for effective ministry, or he could forget all about them and move on get to his destiny.

Just like Paul had to make a choice, so do we. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience just lately or maybe you did something long ago that you regret. Maybe the memories keep coming back to haunt you from living a full life today.

A person who is pressing forward has to resist all feelings of fear including the fear of the unknown. God told Abram to leave is country in Genesis 12 and He would show him a land. There are some things about your future that God will not reveal to you unless you are will to leave your past behind and go higher in your relationship with Him. See there is a part that we must play. We as Christians give the wrong impression that when you come to Christ everything will go away no. There is a walking out and working out that is our responsibility. (Ephesians 4:21-24) You have to forget the past.

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