Summary: I. They didn’t know it was Jesus II. They didn’t have any fish to eat III. They learned that it pays to obey IV. They ate breakfast with the risen Lord!

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Breakfast with the Risen Lord!

John 21:1-14


Breakfast, Cracker Barrel, Country Boy Favorite, Uncle Herschels.....I love breakfast food anytime!


There are 7 disciples that are part of this fishing-breakfast buffet story. 2 of them are unnamed! The five that were named are Simon Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel, and the sons of Zebedee-James and John! This is the third time according to verse 14 of this chapter that Jesus had made Himself known to His disciples since being raised from the dead. And I have to believe it must have been an awesome privilege to have Jesus break into the normal fishing routine of this small group of disciples! .....Has Jesus ever broken into your little routine and made all the difference in the world? Oh, he has on occasion totally changed my direction.

Now for our consideration this evening I want to take a look at how Jesus changed the normal routine of His followers.

First of all.....

I. They didn’t know it was Jesus! V.4 Read

Have you ever had an experience where you did not know who it was that was speaking? Phone...somebody just hauls into conversation and you have no clue who your talking to! You know, these 7 disciples must have been caught off guard because they were not expecting a visit from the risen Lord. They may have even been depressed and decided to just get away from it all and go fishing. So when Simon Peter said he was going fishing the whole crew decided to go with him....quite possibly to get away from it all...and who do you suppose decides to pay them a visit?! Jesus himself! What a privilege, what a relief to know that he was risen just like he said! And this was the third time that he had shown himself to them according and now he breaks into the normal routine of their lives. Do you need God to break into the normal routine of your life? What about your family? What about your job or lack of a job? Do you need God to break into the normal routine of your life? Well, he will! God can do for you what He promised! Ephesians 3:20-21 “He is able to accomplish in our lives more than we can ask or think!”

I. They didn’t know it was Jesus

II. They didn’t have any fish to eat! v.5

I love fishing. But more times than not my success has been much like the disciples found here in John 21! I just not a professional angler! Story, 72 Ford Torino, storm, Mont, Rubber raft, trolling motor, Morse lake, Mont went swimming. Sometimes our spiritual life is as about as productive as our fishing trips. Sometimes, we are in such a serious rut that we have no spirit left within us to make a difference in our little world, our town, our job. The results of our witnessing has caused us to give up on asking anyone to church. Or maybe we have blown it spiritually and we are not even in a place to be concerned about the lost. Well, there is a way back! Jesus says in this passage... “Do you have any fish? How has your success been? The disciples say “Lord we have not done so well” what do you think they decided to do? They decided to find out what Jesus had to say to them. And he said “Cast your net on the right side of the boat!”

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