Summary: The song of redemption, the gospel, has been around for a very long time. (Maybe it was the soundtrack of your teens, it captured you; maybe you feel in love with it’s sound as an adult . . . and it changed your life.)

Recovering Redemption Series

(Based up Matt Chandler’s book of the same title)

Breaking Bad (1 of 6)

September 21, 2014 CFBC, Chester, IL Dr. Mike Fogerson, Speaker


A When I was 9-years old I bought a used 8-track from a second hand store that changed the way I listened to music: Rubber Soul by The Beatles. (Drive My Car, Nowhere Man, Norwegian Wood, . . ., but the song that changed my world view was ‘In My Life.’)

1 To this day, it is not only my favorite Beatle song, it’s probably my favorite song period. (I remember where, when I first heard it.)

a In college I heard a band at a benefit concert perform it (wasn’t near as good as the 8-track I heard when I was 9.)

aa Last year I heard the Beatles tribute band, “Rain.” Similar, but missing something.

bb This summer, Ridge & I went to Cereal Springs to see a po’man’s Beatles tribute band, “The Wannabeatles” & they performed “In My Life.”

cc I hadn’t heard the song in a while but the words, melody, harmonies began to come into my mind again . . . what it meant to me as a 9-year old boy, as a 44-year old man.

b That old song can capture me, recapture me . . . it still sings me.

2 The song of redemption, the gospel, has been around for a very long time. (Maybe it was the soundtrack of your teens, it captured you; maybe you feel in love with it’s sound as an adult . . . and it changed your life.)

a If my guess is right, your life and the song of redemption hasn’t always synced since the first time you really got the song.

aa When you first heard it your chin trembled, Kleenexes lie in your wake as the weight of sin was lifted.

bb It’s been hard to stay excited about the song that set you free, gave you victory you heard so long ago . . . when you get away from the song it feels like the same guilt, condemnation.

b You’re pretty sure that being a Christian was supposed to change you . . . and it has. Some. (But so much more still needs to change.)

aa Our families, relationships, thinking should be different/transformed.

bb We’ve known the song for a long time now . . . we should be different . . . so we make a cover version of the song of redemption.

B Redemption Song Cover Versions

1 Uncovered Version

a You heard the song of redemption and you believe He took your sin because He loves you, not because of anything you did to earn it . . . after a minute you start doubting if that’s all there is too it?

aa Start acting like you have to do everything right, on your own to stay saved.

bb You heard the song and believed it, but some how you’ve composed a cover version that has you playing all the instruments, all the arrangements, music.

b It’s wearing you out, exhausted at trying to stay on God’s good side. . . that’s not the song of redemption (and never has been); it’s a cover version.

2 Fear of Being Discovered Version

a You heard the original version and loved it, but before long you start getting out the old music books, playing the same old songs you use to . . .you’re a mess.

aa The Song of Redemption assured you that God loves you, but that was before He really knew you.

bb If the people in your church/family knew what you were really like beneath . . . How could God love such a terrible singer?

b You fear that God runs out of rescuing you after the 400th chance (that’s not the Gospel either.)

3 The Undercover Version

a Your Christianity is a private thing, a personal conviction (maybe play Christian music in private) but never where people can see it.

b There are many cover versions of the song of redemption playing today. . . and maybe you’re singing one of them.

B A fresh treatment of the Gospel might be just what you need to hear.

1 We need to hear again . . .

a God’s love for us is bigger than anything we can imagine.

b Our inability to change ourselves (never could, never will, never have).

c Knowing that we’ve been restored in Christ, while experiencing His active work of restoration day by day.

2 Some of you us know the song, forgotten parts of it, lost context with the lyrics, passion . . . what ever reason God has for bringing you here, it’s cool.

a You may have never heard the song, skeptical . . . but you’re here.

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