Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: There could be an evil link between a wicked person and somebody who claims to be righteous. This needs to be destroyed.

Beloved, before we go into this message, I would like you to make the following declaration: “I am not a second class citizen. I declare that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Any power trying to pull me down must scatter to pieces because my feet are on the Rock of Ages who will never fail me. I decree that God has something special for me and every stage of my life shall glorify His name. If others are going through a particular problem in my family, my case is different because I am a child of the living God and the hand of the Lord is upon my life, in Jesus’ name, Amen”

This message titled, “Breaking the evil link,” would focus on a particular item, which has been a source of hindrance for many. We are going to concentrate all our prayers on this area since the Holy Spirit is emphasizing it. Several years ago, a certain man was brought to one of our meetings. He had gone to an all-night party and while the party was on, he told the fellow sitting close to him that he wanted to go and ease himself and the person directed him to the right place. So he went and over there, he saw a relative of his who was dead and he said, “What are you doing at the back of this building?” And the supposed ghost gave him a dirty slap. People wanted to take him to the hospital but he told them to take him to a church that his case was not a hospital one. At the time he was brought to the meeting, his mouth was bent to one side. Members of his family followed him to the church but they were not interested in praying. They pitched a small camp at the back of the church where they cooked his meals and people were going there to pray for them. But I noticed that even during service, these people who came with him were not interested in what we were saying. They just sat down there. I told them that that was a church and if they did not want to pray, they should please excuse us. They said, “You cannot force us to pray. We shall take our brother away.” I said, “Okay, take your brother away.” But the man kept begging that I should not allow them to take him away, that if they did, I would not see him alive again. He knew that he was not safe with them. But one afternoon, they smuggled him out and about 50 metres from the church, the man died in their car. He was slapped by a dead man and surrounded by evil agents who followed him to the house of God and eventually finished him up. Then they rushed back to the church and started crying and saying that he was dead. I asked them why they took him away from the church but none of them answered. What happened to that man? There was an evil link between him and members of his family which he discovered too late.

There was also the case of a particular sister who at 45, never had a bachelor who showed any interest in her not to talk of proposing marriage to her. It was only married men with many wives that were coming to her. She came to me and I gave her a prayer point which says, “Lord, show me the secret behind this problem, in the name of Jesus.” She prayed the prayer point and in a dream, she saw herself in a big wedding in the dream. At the wedding was a big choir, and a very fat pastor conducting the wedding. Then something told her to look at the face of the bridegroom who was just saying, “I will” to everything they were saying. By the time she looked at the bridegroom, behold it was her own father and she woke up. She didn’t understand. I explained to her that it meant that spiritually, she was married to her daddy. She said, “Well, I just know that we are close. I am closer to him than my mummy and he talks to me about deep things which he doesn’t talk to mummy about.” So, her daddy was not really ready to release her to any man. Spiritually, he got her engaged. That is what we call an evil link. If someone is under such linkage, it has to be broken.

Many years ago too, I knew a lady whose mother had died 10 years earlier but she had never accepted that she was dead. She told me that she spoke to her everyday. She said, “If you offend me, I will report you to her.” This is an Evil link.

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Ogeye Adebisi

commented on May 28, 2007

Jesus, thank you for this message. it make think back that i so much loved my dead mother, and put her picture on my phone after her death, i kept seeing her in dream, no wonder at times i dreamt about death, but Jesus has delivered me. i discover male's relationship i cherished than female, i think it is a evil link and really befall me. thank God for His grace, my spiritual life is not the same again. all these prayer points on evil link shall manifest upon my life.

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