Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Message about breaking limitations in our lives.

Title: Breaking the Limits in our Faith and Life

Theme: Helping people overcome their limitations.

Text: John 11:1-45, Luke , 1 Samuel 17


Opening Illustration found on the Internet. Story of elephant and peg.

Elephant and the Peg

People get tied to stakes all the time. We look on the outside and say, “Man, it is just so easy for them to get out. It is so easy for them to overcome yet they fall right back into the same trap. They are so used to the way things are.

For some of you people have told you for so long what you can’t do. What you are not able to do.

This story will hopefully open up your eyes to how we allow things to hold us back from our full potential. I went to the circus one day and was amazed to find the elephants where only restrained by a rope around their leg that was tied to a stake in the ground. I knew that this animal could easily pull out the stake and trample everyone in the crowd. I was so amazed by this and had to find out why they did not escape.

I set out to find the trainer in charge of handling these elephants. After asking a few workers I soon found the trainer and I asked him “why is it these enormous animals do not escape from these ropes tied to a tiny little stake in the ground?”

He replied ” When they are young they tie a chain around their leg and attach it to a concrete block that was anchored deep into the ground and for the first few months they will tug and tug on the chain.” Over the next few months of pulling on the chain they realize it is useless because they are never going to get free.

As soon as the elephant gives up they can replace it with the rope tied to the stake. The elephant will feel the resistance and they will not attempt to escape. Now does the elephant have the ability to get away? Of course he does. I know that you know that but he doesn’t know that does he?

Most people are just like the elephant because when we where young our foot was chained by our parents, school teachers and friends and where told what we could and could not do. I believe with all of my heart that all of us have more talent and ability than we realize we have.

Every time we attempt to do something we feel the rope tug and we question if we can do it. Our self talk goes something like this.

Can I make this work?

I am not a people person.

Can I trust the people I am working with?

Can I afford it?

The first thing that goes through you mind is that stake and that rope and this symbolized the phrase “what if it doesn’t”

Work, Sell or Pay ect. you can fill in the end with anything you want.

We all need to cut the rope and change that phrase to “what if it does” Work, Sell and Pay. What it the company you are with becomes a billion dollar company? What if you can talk to people and learn the skills it takes to make this work?

Don’t allow fear to run your life! Break free from the rope and become the person you can by overcoming any fears . I always ask this question and it usually strikes a chord with most people. I do not mean to offend anyone with this.

Ask yourself if you where on your death bed would you have regrets? I want to be able to go out with no regrets and to impact as many peoples lives as I can in a positive way. I was once told the only two things that a certain in life is death and taxes.

I beg to differ on this. I believe if you build a legacy and impact others you will never die. Example: Abraham Lincoln died along time ago however his memory lives on in the hearts of generations to come due to his impact and legacy he left behind.

I want to close with this do not let fear prevent you from your legacy cut that rope and don’t look back you will be amazed what will happen.

This reminds me so much how the devil has tied the hands of Christians. He has told us for a long time this is they way it happens.

I look around this community and the drugs and problems the we have didn’t happen this way over night. It happens as Christians let the devil tie their hands.

Limited in our Belief and understanding of the Power of God

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