Summary: Trusting God for direction and leading when we are not sure of the way.

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Breakthrough Anointing

1 Chronicles 14:8-17

David was a man after God's own heart. I like that enduring quality about David. Although he had his faults he still had a heart after God.

In the text we see that the Philistines have received word that David has been anointed King over all Israel-vs. 8,

"8 When the Philistines heard that David had been anointed king over all Israel, they went up in full force to search for him, but David heard about it and went out to meet them. 9 Now the Philistines had come and raided the Valley of Rephaim;"

However, the Philistines are not pleased about this. And they move quickly to challenge David's anointed leadership and they are out to get him.

Remember, this is the same David who has killed Goliath

Notice, what is said here in verse 8, " they mobilized their forces to capture him."

Why did they want to capture David as opposed to killing him?


1. They wanted to capture David to undermine his leadership

2. They wanted to capture David to undermine Israel's resolve..

3. They wanted to capture David to undermine God's


Hear me this morning - there is nothing more the enemy had rather do than knock off the leader. That is why I covet so strongly your prayers and support.

There is something else I want you to take notice of her this morning. David was "anointed" King over Israel. He wasn't just "chosen" but rather was anointed by God to be the leader of Israel at this historic time.


A. I believe that you are the anointed of God this


1. God has great things in store for his anointed!

B. From these few verses there are things about the

anointing of God that I want you to

get in your heart and spirit.


A. David is the Anointed King of Israel. He is

chosen by God and yet walking in this realm of

anointing brings opposition.

Hear me this morning---the anointing of God upon your life will bring opposition your way! Some think of the anointing in terms of being seen and the spotlight--but hear me--the anointing of God upon your life is a magnetic field for the enemy to come at you

1.David is the anointed by God as the King of Israel and all the news is not sitting well with

the enemy.

2. The Reason is that David is not just anointed as

King but is walking in the anointing.

3. Are you hearing me this morning? There is a


a. I am not concerned this morning if you have

been anointed (past experience) but are you

walking in the anointing now? (Now Experience)

4. Being in the presence of the anointing doesn't

make you anointed!

a. Being in McDonalds doesn't make you a


b. Being in church doesn't make you anointed

...only the touch of God upon your life

make you anointed as you walk in his ways!

B. It Was This anointing upon David's Life that

brought opposition and it is what will bring it in

your life also.

1. Paul experienced this opposition time after

time in his ministry. In 1 Thes 2:18 18 For we wanted

to come to you—certainly I, Paul, did, again and again—but Satan

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