Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: I want to share some simple principles that will help us all to breeze through life a little better. 1- Trust God more than yourself 2- Kindness always comes back to you 3- Don’t let your tongue cut you 4- Seek the Lord in all things

INTRO.- This is back to school Sunday so we want to think about children, school, life, etc.

Children are supposed to learn from adults, but often we can learn from children. Here are some quotes of children.

- No matter how hard you try, you can’t baptize cats. (can’t bathe them either!)

- When your mom is mad at your dad, don’t let her brush your hair.

-If your sister hits you, don’t hit her back. They always catch the second person.

- Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a tomato.

- You can’t trust dogs to watch your food.

- Reading what people write on desks can teach you a lot.

- Don’t sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.

- Puppies still have bad breath even after eating a tic tac.

- Never hold a dustbuster and a cat at the same time.

- School lunches stick to the wall.

- You can’t hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.

- Don’t wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.

- The best place to be when you are sad is in Grandma’s lap.

This is not all! Here are some notes written by children to their preacher.

Dear Pastor, I know God loves everybody but He never met my sister. Yours sincerely, Arnold. Age 8.

Dear Pastor, My father should be a minister. Every day he gives us a sermon about something. Robert, Age 11.

My mother is very religious. She goes to play bingo at church every week even if she has a cold. Yours truly, Annette. Age 9.

Dear Pastor, I think a lot more people would come to your church if you moved it to Disneyland. Loreen. Age 9.

Dear Pastor, My father says I should learn the Ten Commandments. But I don’t think I want to because we have enough rules already in my house. Joshua. Age 10.

Dear Pastor, I liked your sermon on Sunday. Especially when it was finished. Ralph, Age 11.

Children are something else! Funny, interesting characters!

Breezing through life sounds, but is it true? Can it be true? Is there a way to an easier life? Or perhaps a better way of life?

All I know is our kids are headed back to school and eventually, out into the world.

PROP.- I want to share some simple principles that will help us all to breeze through life a little better.

1- Trust God more than yourself

2- Kindness always comes back to you

3- Don’t let your tongue cut you

4- Seek the Lord in all things


Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." ALL your heart!

Lean NOT on yourself!

ILL.- A radio announcer once asked Leo Durocher, who was at that time the manager of the New York Giants (1948-55), “Barring the unforeseen, Leo, will your club get the pennant?” Back came Durocher’s reply, “There ain’t gonna be no unforeseen.”

There are many unforeseens in our lives. There are many things we don’t know! We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. And often, we don’t even know what will happen tomorrow. BUT THERE IS NO UNFORESEEN TO GOD!

God sees everything, knows everything and has the answer to everything. In fact, God sees everything even before it happens! Now, how could that be? IT’S BECAUSE HE IS GOD! He has no limits like human beings. He knows the past, present and future. Nothing is unforeseen to Him. Consequently, we need to learn to trust Him more than we trust ourselves.

ILL.- When it comes to our church building there are several men who can pretty well take care of things. When it comes to plumbing we can call Roger McMillan. When it comes to electrical problems we can call Jim Reed. When it comes to general, all-around stuff we can call Ray Sandy and Jim Davis.

Where does this leave the rest of us? Good question. It’s always nice when you can trust someone who is smarter than you to take care of some problems that you can’t handle.

ILL.- A preacher said: There is no situation I can get into that God cannot get me out. Some years ago when I was learning to fly, my instructor told me to put the plane into a steep and extended dive. I was totally unprepared for what was about to happen. After a brief time the engine stalled, and the plane began to plunge out-of-control. It soon became evident that the instructor was not going to help me at all. After a few seconds, which seemed like eternity, my mind began to function again. I quickly corrected the situation.

Immediately I turned to the instructor and began to vent my fearful frustrations on him. He very calmly said to me, "There is no position you can get this airplane into that I cannot get you out of. If you want to learn to fly, go up there and do it again."

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