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Summary: A message on how the privileges that one has of being in Christ far outweigh the privileges Brits would lose for opting out of EU!!!.

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Brexit News (the majority in Great Britain have voted for it to sever it’s ties with European Union) doesn’t seem to be in any hurry at all to “exit” from the International Media headlines, even after other “seismic events” such as Istanbul terror attack have caught the World attention. Yes, the Markets lost more than $2 trillion on a “dark Friday” as a aftermath of Brexit (In India for instance at one point, fallout of the Brexit vote resulted in Sensex plunging over 1000 points). Now ironically after having opted to “come out” of EU, many in Great Britain are now expressing regret on Twitter with the #Regrexit hashtag and are proposing yet another referendum aimed eventually at “coming back into” the EU Fold. . A petition to force another referendum is gathering momentum with more than three million signatures (at the time of this message). Will there be another vote for rejoining EU for the Brits are slowly but surely realizing that the “economic benefits” of remaining in EU far outweigh the “social ones” which would come their way in opting out? The highly agitated Scots are atleast vigorously pressing for it for they fear “loss of many benefits” in the aftermath of Brexit. Be that as it may, have we (Christians’) ever contemplated with gratitude as to what are the priceless benefits that would accrue to us for simply being “in Christ”? In this message, Yours Truly has attempted to bring to the fore some of the “unique benefits” which accrue to all those who are “in Christ”.


There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.-Rom 8:1

In Christ, all erstwhile sinners are declared “faultless” before the Almighty God, for Christ has already “paid” for their sins on the Cross (2 Cor 5:21). The moment we accept the redemption plan of God in Christ, we are pronounced “innocent” in the Heavenly Court whatever be our background till then (Col 1:22/ John 3:3). Simply amazing, one needs to experience it to believe it better. Didn’t somebody say that proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof? Yours Truly, truly experienced it on one Sunday…to be more precise on October 16th , 1983.

Conversely the greatest penalty is reserved for those who do not accept God’s redemption plan in Christ. For doesn’t their action of not accepting that great salvation (Heb 2:3)-taken to its logical conclusion- tantamount to treating Christ’s great sacrifice on the Cross as of “no value” at all!!! Can there be a greater sin than that??? Contextually, I am reminded of a saying “Sinners would be condemned on the great day of Judgment not so much for sinning as for not accepting the Saviour”. All of us inherit the fallen Adamic nature at birth and till our last moment on this Planet Earth the Divine loving invitation signed with Christ’s blood would always be hanging so to speak at the door of our hearts to accept the same. Here, I would like to herald not from roof tops but from mountain tops that God “would never condemn anyone who is born a sinner but would condemn only those who deliberately die as one”, having never accepted (throughout their lifetime) Christ’s invitation to be declared faultless in Him.

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