Summary: In our message this morning, we will see how three miracles, (Jesus walking on water, Peter walking on water, Storms/winds cease) open our pathways to a bridge over the troubled waters of life.


Matthew 14:22-33

In our message this morning, we will see how three miracles, (Jesus walking on water, Peter walking on water, Storms/winds cease) open our pathways to a bridge over the troubled waters of life.

Jesus has just got done with one of His famous miracles, the feeding of the five thousand from five loaves of bread and two fish. In the Gospel of John (6:15), we see that Jesus was hastily moving away from the crowds because he perceived that they were about to appoint Him king. It wasn’t the peoples place to appoint Jesus king, He was already King of Kings and Lord of Lords - they just didn’t know it yet.

Jesus had business to tend to with His Father so He went up into the hills alone to pray. From supper to the fourth watch is about ten hours. Apparently, Jesus had much to talk to His Father about (ten to twelve hours of prayer!).

The scene where Jesus is away on a hill and the disciples in the lowest part in the seas gives us a picture of how it is with Jesus is today. We are in the lowest depths of this world yet Jesus still intercedes for His followers even today from the heavenly hilltops above.

The disciples had been sent away by Christ. They willingly went out into the sea through obedience. They didn’t know they were headed into a storm, yet Jesus did. When we begin our journey of faith, quite often we don’t see the storms that await us lurking around the corners of life. Jesus used this particular storm to manifest His grace in a miraculous three fold way. The storms that the disciples were in provided a canvas for Jesus to paint a portrait of love, mercy and grace - what a beautiful image!

It’s a good thing that I didn’t know all the storms I’ve faced along my journey of faith. I’m fairly sure that I would have chickened out in those early days of faith if I had a glimpse of the trials and tribulations. Are you in a storm today? If so, cheer up! Jesus wants to show you grace in a miraculous way!

All too often, we stop, turn away or pause on our journey of faith when the storms come against us. The disciples never turned their boat from their appointed direction. They remained obedient in their journey and then Jesus gives them a great blessing. Jesus was aware of their condition and He demonstrated in a very real way just how much He cared. Friend, Jesus cares for you in what ever situation you may find yourself in today.


When the disciples were in the throws of the storm, on the verge of perishing, Jesus arrives on the scene. I can well imagine that the first one to see Jesus didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to tell anyone else what he thought he saw. If you saw a UFO, how many folks would you tell?

Enough of them laid their weary dampened eyes upon this vision they thought was ghost and we hear their initial verbal response in verse 26, “It’s a ghost!” The scriptures tell us that “they cried out in fear.” I think it would be safe to say they were screaming and raising a ruckus on that boat and some probably thought about jumping ship as this “ghost” image came closer. Maybe Peter’s wish to walk in the water came from this natural thought of flight in fear except instead of swimming away, Peter wanted to walk to the Master on the sea.

Jesus knew their screams were fueled by fear and gives them a gentle reassuring command to “Don’t be afraid” and to “be of good cheer.” I’m not sure about you but for me it would take some sure enough convincing that what I saw wasn’t a ghost. I can almost see the faces of those disciples in that troubled boat. Remember the storms had not ceased yet. They were still tossing the boat about like a leaf in the wind. The fear of the storm, the fear of their vision were still fresh in their minds and now Jesus tells them to be of good cheer and not to be afraid. Sounds hard to do doesn’t it?

In the midst of the storms of life we know that deep down in our hearts that God is in control – Amen? Yet we tremble in fear of the unknown. What will the next gust of wind bring? Will it overturn my life and turn me into a mess? At some point, we must connect with what we know is true with the reassuring voice of the Master because He is still the One that calms the storms today!

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