Summary: In this church God wants to harness all the potential that’s in it and unleash it everyday into kingdom work!

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I believe that the world is desperate to see the power of God on display in our lives!

In this church God wants to harness all the potential that’s in it and unleash it everyday into kingdom work! Anything man can harness makes that item so much more powerful – horse, atom, water in a dam, etc.

But anything man can harness is nothing compared to what God can harness in the life of a human being! The apostle Paul, the hurt in the deepest heart! That’s what’s so great about healing God’s way!

As a part of this body of believers we should be experiencing God’s potential and the Spirit’s dynamics everyday! And if that’s a reality - then there’s no place to sit, soak and sour! We are saved to serve!

Every follower of Jesus is called to be the greatest at serving! On team Jesus – next to serving - we’re all great at something because of our spiritual gifting!!

A little boy was heard talking to himself as he walked across the backyard, baseball cap in place and ball and bat in hand. He said, “I’m the greatest hitter in the world.” He threw the ball up, swung and missed. He yelled out, “Strike one, but I’m still the greatest hitter ever!”

He threw up the ball a 2nd time and swung and missed again! He looked at the ball and bat and said to himself again, “Strike two, but I’m the greatest hitter ever!” Then the 3rd time he threw up the ball, swung and missed again! This time he said to himself, “Strike three, I’m the greatest pitcher in the world!”

Church - we’re on Team Jesus and this team of believers, I pray, is ready to tap into the power source of God and move out into the highways and byways of life.

How Team Jesus Brings Hope:

1. Through The Ministry of Encouragement. Vs. 1-3

William Booth was at the end of his life, after establishing The Salvation Army, was asked to speak at a conference but was way too frail. So they asked him to wire a message to all in attendance. So he did just that and there was only one word written in the wire, “OTHERS” signed William Booth!

The Devil would love to start a church fuss then to sell more drugs on the street. When Team Jesus turns inward then we forget to minister outward!

C.S. Lewis wrote the book, “The Screwtape Letters” In the book, “Screwtape” is the Devil and his demon is “Wormwood”. This is what the Devil says to the demon about Christianity, “Wormwood, the church is fertile field if you keep them bickering over details, structure, money, property, personal hurts and misunderstandings. One thing you must prevent, don’t ever let Christians look up and see the banner of victory flying, because you’ll lose them – never let them see the glory of God.”

Do you want to help someone, encourage someone? First look at the banner of grace and victory flying over this place, then look for the hurt in the hurting, the sorrow in the suffering, tears in the tribulation, and the darkness in the depression! Remember we’re a mosaic of transformation not a museum of tradition!!

Sometimes all we need is a new way of looking at the world around us!

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