Summary: Born-again believersof Jesus Christ have all the reasons to rejoice even in the midst of hardship and trials of their lives as they continue to love and serve Him because they are assured of the Lord’s unfailing promise: "And surely I am with you always,

God can bring brightness in the darkest moment of our lives when...

1. Our adversities are God’s opportunities...(vs.12,13)

a. For our salvation

b. For spiritual maturity

c. For mission and evangelism

2. Our situation becomes others’ motivation. (vs.14-18)

Paul’s zeal in the ministry in spite of being in

prison had inspired others.

3. Our ambition is for God’s exaltation. (vs.19-25)

Paul’s ambition was not his liberation, but God’s

exaltation; not for his "freedom" but for God’s



There is no darkness to those whose lives are in the center of God’s will. For they can be assured that "in all things God works fo the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose,"(Romans 8:28).

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