6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: We often make excuses for not bringing people to Jesus. We look at all the obstacles and give up. These men in Mark 2 didn’t allow circumstances to become an obstacle in bringing this man to Jesus.

Bringing People to Jesus Mark 2:1-12



1. There were four cities that were prominent in the life of Jesus.

Bethlehem – Birth

Nazareth – Grew up there

Jerusalem – Crucifixion and resurrection

Capernaum – Called His city (Matt 9:1) – Jesus did much of his earthly ministry in and around this city, located on the Sea of Galilee.

2. This miracle took place in a house – Probably the home of Peter and Andrew. (Chap. 1:29-31)

3. Word spread – “noised that He was in a house”

Vs. 2

1. Notice the word “Straightway” – immediately (19 times in Mark)

2. House was full – overflowing

3. “He preached the Word unto them” – That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about miracles. It’s about what He said.

We will find that Jesus performed a miracle here but it’s not about miracles. This miracle illustrates exactly why Jesus performed miracles.

Jesus performed miracles in the Physical realm to illustrate what He could do in the Spiritual realm. Physical healing is temporary. This man died one day, perhaps 50 years later, but he died. Spiritual healing – salvation – is eternal. It lasts after death.

• This miracle is about Sin and forgiveness.

• It’s about bringing people to Jesus.

• It’s about determination and overcoming obstacles.

• It’s about Faith, Hope, and Love.

I. The Paralyzed Man – Vs. 3-5

Five times in this passage it tells us that this man had the palsy – He was Paralyzed. He couldn’t walk. He was crippled.

Jesus said – “Thy sins be forgiven thee.”

Mephebosheth - Crippled because by a fall. Man is crippled because of a fall. – Sin

What this man really needed wasn’t physical healing but Spiritual healing – FORGIVENESS.

II. The Persistent Men – Vs. 3,4

How determined are we to bring people to Jesus. Many people will never come to Jesus unless someone brings them.

Just putting up a church sign isn’t enough. We are to go out to where the sinner is and bring him to Jesus.

Notice some things about these men:

• They had Faith – they believed Jesus could heal.

• They had Hope – they knew Jesus was able to heal.

• They had Love – they had concern and compassion.

• They had Determination – Nothing was going to stand in their way.

It’s our responsibility to bring people to Jesus.

There were people that day that instead of helping people come to Jesus – were actually hindering People. Whether they realized it or not, they were standing in the way of people coming to Jesus.

What the church needs today is “Stretcher Bearers”.

III. The Religious Leaders – Vs. 6,7

They asked the wrong question but had the right answer.

“Who can forgive sins but God”

Three kinds of Patients Jesus cannot heal of their Sin Sickness.

1. Those that do not know about Him.

2. Those that know about Him but do not trust Him.

3. Those who will not admit that they are sinners. - Jesus only saves sinners.

IV. The Savior – Vs. 8-11

Jesus knows all about us. He knows our thoughts, our motives, and He knows what is in out hearts.

Conclusion – Vs. 12

Two things happen when Jesus works.

• Lives are changed.

• God is glorified.

Credits - Much of this sermon is original but I must credit the writings and sermons of Jerry Vines and Warren Weirsbe.

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