Summary: Jesus is concerned with our issues; He is waiting us to decide to approach Him with them.

This woman, Mark says, had an issue of blood. He gives no specific diagnosis, but most likely she suffered from an unending menstrual flow. Her issue created issues; it generated a burden of pain and pressure and persecution.

She had social issues, marital issues, spiritual issues, bodily issues, and emotional issues. Her sickness had worked on her for 12 years. 12 long years, for she was disallowed by the Law from entering the Temple to worship, from having sex with her husband, and everything she touched was considered unclean. Seeking a cure, she had spent all of her money, and all or her hope. Except for the last mustard-like seed of faith that this famous Galileen could help.

I. Her Dilemma

a. Jesus was involved with Jairus

b. The crowd was too great

Too often, we feel we are serving a God too busy to involve Himself with our issues. And, perhaps even more often we feel that He is too busy helping others to be concerned with one lonely, tired, broken woman.

II. Her Decision

a. She determined to get to Him, because

b. She believed he was the Messiah

God is willing to work with a willing will. The path to God is walked one decision at a time, and each decision must be motivated by faith in the Lordship of His Son.

III. Her Deliverance

a. She was healed physically

b. She was made whole

Jesus called her out to make her aware of His feeling for her. He wanted to clean up the shame she must have grown accustomed to carrying around. He wanted to prove Himself to her and to everyone else who had issues that they could not deal with alone. He wanted to make a loud and clear statement that He was willing to take on people with issues, and make them whole

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Jd Upshaw

commented on Jan 9, 2009

great sermon keep up the good work and be bless.

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