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Summary: Many people face various types of trials everytime a new chapter begins in their live. This sermon will give some hope to those who always seem to get pushed back everytime they try to go forward.

Rita Bass Coors purchased a porcelain mask that had been hand painted by John Denver. You know John Denver, the singer, the humanitarian John Denver. This mask set Rita Bass Coors back $7000.00. Rita purchased this $7000.00 hand painted porcelain mask from a celebrity auction that was to benefit Hospice in the Metropolitan area of Denver.

I could just imagine the thoughts that were going through Rita’s mind as she heard the auctioneer say; “Going Once, Going Twice, Sold to the highest bidder: Mrs. Rita Bass Coors. I can imagine as Rita was walking up to the podium where the auctioneer was standing, in order to pick up her $7000.00 hand painted porcelain mask. I bet she was thinking about where in her house, she was going to put this $7000.00 hand painted porcelain mask.

• Will I place it o the vanity or

• Will I put it in the China Cabinet or

• Should I hang it on the wall in the foyer

Can’t you just hear her?

When Rita finally reached the podium where her $7000.00 hand painted porcelain mask was. The auctioneer grabbed the mask to hand it to Rita Bass Coors. The mask slipped through the fingers of Rita Bass Coors, falling to the ground and shattering all over the floor. And now, this once expensive and well cherished $7000.00 hand painted porcelain mask is nothing more than a expensive pile of broken pieces scattered all over the celebrity auction floor.

Now I believe that in a very real sense these broken pieces, if they could testify. They would begin to tell us today about what it really means to be broken from the beginning.

I share this story because……..

• Somebody in this church right now can identify with what it means to be broken at the beginning and shattered from the start.

• Somebody in here today thought that the man they had for the last couple of months was the one for them.

1. They swept you off your feet

2. Said all the right things

3. Let you walk on their jacket over puddles.

4. They would kiss you on the cheek and

5. Say Ooh you so sweet!

That was until you found something you weren’t looking for. Now you realize that Mr. Right has turned out to be Mr. Wrong.

• Somebody else in here thought that you’re company was about to give you that big promotion, but instead you got the big boot. They downsized and laid you off.

And, if they had the mic right now they would tell you all about what it means to be broken at the beginning.

Let’s Look at the Text

John 9:1-9

Here we have a boy that was born blind. So the first point I would like to talk about is this young boys Predicament.

I. His Predicament

His predicament was that he was born blind. He had to deal with life the way he was. No excuses. He had to accept the fact that he was blind and adapt.

Anybody remember the hit movie “Ray”

No More Tears Illustration

• Anybody ever wondered what its like to be blind? Unable to see? Trying to get around and not knowing where you’re going?

6. When folks walk around blind they are bound to run into something. And that something has the potential to do some major damage.

• It’s the same way with us; there are times in our life when we walk around blind or walk around in darkness. All because we don’t have the lights on. And anytime we function without the guiding light of Christ they are bound to trip on something they can’t see.

This brings me to another type of blindness I would like to talk about is spiritual blindness. This blindness usually refers to the inability to recognize the truth.

Ephesians 4:13-14 says that ………

“Until we come into the knowledge of ‘’’God, then we will no longer be like children, forever changing our minds about what we believe because someone has told us something different or because someone has cleverly lied to you and made the lie sound like the truth.”

• So the question is….

What do you consider to be the truth? Or

What do you like to do?

Because based on your answer that question we can conclude just what your basis of truth is.

1. Is your truth tied up in getting your groove thang on?

2. Better yet, who’s giving or defining truth for you?

Most of today’s secular music is tainted with all kinds of filth (Sex, Drugs, Money & Alcohol). And a lot of us have bought in to its lie.

That’s why a lot of young folks are walking around trying to get to the candy shop. Talking about……..

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