Summary: Regardless of what you may think of yourself, you are having an impact on someone else’ life.


Key Verse: John 3:30 “He must decrease, and I must decrease.”


We face a new year that will be different than any other. For most people, that is. Some folks expect and are excited about 2003. Others are not. God has convinced and challenged many of you that will be serving and honoring the Lord.

Jesus said it well in John 14:12 -

"…he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do…”

So the question for us is –

How can we be sure we are ready?

In this morning’s bulletin is an insert - “New Year – New Opportunities”

In your quiet time (this week), please answer these questions for this year.

Regardless of what you may think of yourself, you are having an impact on someone else’ life.

What you say and what you do is having an effect on that person. Would you agree, or disagree?

Many of us will do greater things for the Lord than we have ever done in our lives this year. There are three of our ladies somewhere down in Costa Rica (this morning) of whom I am sure are coming home later this week to tell you this.

Willingly, they have left the comfort of their home and friends to discover this truth for themselves.

Jesus said it well in John 14:12 -

"…he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do…"

Christ knew what He was talking about when He said that. Amen?

How many of you want to at least try to make a difference for the Kingdom of God this year?

Before any of us can see a real and lasting results to what this church is about, and what your walk is about, we will have to experience and accept BROKENESS in our lives.

Text: Matthew 21:42 thru 44

We must be BROKEN TO BE MADE WHOLE. Our quote of the day explains this: “Whole and unbroken men are of little use to God.”

In our text, we find Jesus defining our relationship we have with Him in a way that few people will understand.

It is no doubt that this Man, Jesus Christ, is different things to different people. You may not understand yourself what Jesus is saying. Jesus is describing Himself in three ways.

To the very religious Jew:

Christ is the One Who will be “rejected”. That is because the stiff necked Jew refused to submit to the sovereign authority and Lordship of Christ. They were perturbed and disturbed with almost everything Jesus would say and do.

And to this day – there are many who look at Who and What Jesus stood for in much the same way. Many people are offended and insulted when they are confronted with the plan of salvation and redemption of man. Many are spiritually stubborn towards Christ & the commandments of God.

To the Gentile:

Christ was the rock that would cause “Every valley (to) be exalted and every mountain…brought low…”

This would mean that Jesus would one day rule and reign over the oppressive Roman Government.

Many of the Gentiles were only interested in Jesus “crushing and grinding” the government of Caesar, and making their life more enjoyable. This is why so many of them followed Jesus for a while and (later) left Him.

And to this day – many folks are like the Gentiles. They only want their lives to be easier. Not more godly.

The Gentiles were only interested in the Man from Nazareth for selfish reasons. They would call on His name only if they were in trouble. If they were in prison, or were sick/afflicted, or left out in the cold, then (and only then) would the cry out to Him.

They would consider Christ for their physical needs, but not commit to Christ for their spiritual needs.

NOTE: Both the Jew and the Gentile would risk eternity with the way they would think and treat Christ.

So sad, but so true.

To the humble saints of God:

Christ was the “Chief cornerstone”,

Of our faith and way of life.

He is all we will ever need.

My friend, He is just what you need.

The way we see Christ this morning is all that He says He is. I have never felt I had to say anything that Jesus isn’t or anything I would want Him to be.

I have no better way to describe Him than what He has already described Himself. And, I cannot remember ever trying to say that He is anything less than what He has said He is.

I have never felt that I had to convince myself or anyone else of Who Jesus is.

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