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Summary: "Friends to the end," He said, "but this looks like the end".

Buddy Pick-Up

Ecclesiastes 4:7-12

Pastor Louis Gibson, Blue Ridge Cowboy Church

April 08

*Noah said Friday evening, “His brother had friends, his sister had friends, but he didn’t have any friends, only God liked him.”

Friends to the end, he said, but this looks like the end!

A true friend is hard to find, and even harder to be one.

Take a minute and poke yourself in the bellybutton. Our navel is a constant reminder that we all started this life connected to another human being.

Being a cowboy, I figured you could go through this life alone. Isn’t that the image you have of a real cowboy, always alone. So a big part of my life I spent alone. Then I met the greatest friend, who would never leave me, always help me, Jesus Christ. And at that moment I wanted, I needed someone to share this life with. I began to look at people with the eyes of Christ. I realized this race wasn’t meant to be run alone.

I live, by a new rule today. And that is, that you can’t have too many friends. I believe there are many people today that would love to have a do over, and be friendlier, and make more friends, but we don’t always no where to start.

The bible would be a good place to begin.

Ecclesiastes 4:7-12 tells us about being alone. And the emptiness of life without a true friend. So, let’s learn what God say’s a true friend is.

A True Friend is one who;

I. Pushes You Up by

A. helping you succeed

1. help solving problems

2. giving a leg up

3. listening to you

4. respecting you

B. happy when you succeed

1. celebrating

2. not jealous

II. Is There When You Need Them, some people are just like a blister, show up when the work is all done. Just fair weather friends

A. They care for you

1. about what you’re involved in

B. They are dependable

1. returning your call

2. be there when they say

3. you can always count on a true friend

They are not…

B. is high maintenance

1. you must call them first,

2. go see them first

3. constantly concerned with themselves

4. they are not there to use you,

III. Defends You Publicly and Privately

A. when others talk about you behind your back

a. a true friend will not be a part of the gossip group

B. will stand with you till the end

a. friends to the end, but this looks like the end.

i. Two friends were hiking in the woods when they came upon a grizzly bear. The two started running away when one stopped. The other said “what are you doing?” he said, “I’m tying my shoe so I can run faster.” The other said, “what, you think you can outrun a grizzly? I don’t have to outrun the grizzly, all I need to do is outrun you.”

C. A true friend will pray for you

We were never meant to run the race of life all alone. Horses are naturally herd animals. Sheep are naturally herd animals. The bible say’s we are like sheep. We too we meant to have friendship.

The first step to making friends is to make friends with God…

Before knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior, we were an enemy of God. But because of our accepting Jesus, we became friends of God.

Today is the day to come down from riding those fences all alone and receive Christ. He is our best friend

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