Summary: We all need to work on building the new you! Let's start the year off right!

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• It is that time of the year again, a time to make resolutions and to break them. It is day 5 of 2014, it has been a LONG arduous 5 days, how are you doing? 

• Robyn wondered if the gym will be packed for a couple of weeks now. 

• If your goal is to get in shape, remember, ROUND IS A SHAPE last I checked!

• Why do we go through the pain of making resolutions each year only to have our hearts broken by not achieving them?

• The New Year ushers in a new hope, a new hope that we can build a new you!

• I believe many of us would like to use this year to endeavor to build a new you. The problem with trying to achieve this lofty goal is that it will require a lot or introspection, changes, and hard work.

• Today in honor of the New Year I would like to offer some assistance in building a new you!

• In the book of Philippians chapter 3, I have always gotten the vibe that Paul is reflecting on life and wants to encourage us to do something. He wants us to be the people that God designed us to be, to be able to reach the full-potential that God created us to fulfill.

• Have you ever wanted to hit the reset button? Let’s see the counsel we are given to Philippians so that we can actually make a resolution and keep it!

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Philippians 3:1–7 (HCSB) 3 Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord. To write to you again about this is no trouble for me and is a protection for you. 2 Watch out for “dogs,” watch out for evil workers, watch out for those who mutilate the flesh. 3 For we are the circumcision, the ones who serve by the Spirit of God, boast in Christ Jesus, and do not put confidence in the flesh— 4 although I once also had confidence in the flesh. If anyone else thinks he has grounds for confidence in the flesh, I have more: 5 circumcised the eighth day; of the nation of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew born of Hebrews; regarding the law, a Pharisee; 6 regarding zeal, persecuting the church; regarding the righteousness that is in the law, blameless. 7 But everything that was a gain to me, I have considered to be a loss because of Christ.

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I. Reconsider your worldview. 1-7

• If we are going to do a self-reconstruction, we need to reconsider the worldview by which we live. By the way, Ken Martins life group would be a good place to learn more about that subject.

• The way we view the world drives the way we live, the way we see life, the way we derive our purpose for life.

• During the days of Paul, the worldview played a huge part in the way people lived their lives as it does yet today.

• For the Jews, they were God’s chosen ones by inheritance, by birth to put it a better way.

• In the church there were former Jews who were trying to get the Greeks and other non-Jews to become Jews BEFORE they became Christians. This is what Paul speaks of in verses 2-3.

• In verses 4-and part of 5 Paul speaks of how his life once derived its purpose from his heritage.

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