Summary: An Altar is intended to be a place of true worship for God; a aplace where communication ensued between a Christian and his creator, God.

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“Building An Altar For God”

Text – Gen. 35:1-7, I Kg 5:1-5

- What Is An Altar?

- Ingredients of an Altar Building

- The Benefits of Building An Altar

What is An Altar?

- An Altar is a place that is designed or separated for worship unto God; a place of fellowship with God.

- It is a place where praises and prayers are rendered unto God.

- An Altar symbolizes holiness and represents the presence of God; a higher place where untarnished (spotless, blameless) services are offered to God.

- Altar is a place of refuge and comfort from the troubles of this world.

- An Altar could also be a place where intercession is being made for the well being of others inspired by the Holy Spirit.

An Altar could be a part of a building or a room. For instance the church serves as an Altar where Christians meet and fellowship with God. Men of God in the Bible built Altars for God after He had done things for them like Moses (in Exo. 17:15) Abraham, Isaac, Solomon e.t.c.

Altars, in the olden days are built with or out of stone where worshippers seek God’s face and offer sacrifice of animals but now our sacrifices are of praise, thanksgiving and prayers through our Lord Jesus Christ unto God.

Classification of Altars –

Altars could be classified into three; mainly

i) Personal Altar- As the name implies is a personal means of communication and fellowshipping with God. It is otherwise called ‘Quiet Time’. This is a time you have assigned/committed/set aside for God to meet with Him on ‘one-on-one’ level or basis. It comes with a specific time at which you seek the face of God through worship, praises, thanksgiving and prayer. It is better early in the morning when there would little or no disturbance from any quarters. The essence is to hear and talk to God; it ensures a direct link with God. Lk 5:16

ii) Family Or Home Altar – a place where family members meet for the purpose of communing, fellowshipping, praising, worshipping and praying to God. It comes with a specific time of meeting

iii) Church Altar – The Church itself is an Altar. It serves as a unified place of worship for Christians or individuals coming together to pour out their hearts to God. Heb 10; 25

Others include: -

Corporate Altar- The coming together of Individuals from different denomination or churches to pray, worship and render praises unto God.

Note – An Altar is not a place where you place your Bibles, Anointing Oil, Symbol of Cross, Holy Book and any other Christian items. Altar is a thing of heart. Jer. 29; 12-13

Factors That Are Necessary For An Altar Building

- Genuine Salvation Ps 24: 3-4

- Passion / Hunger for presence of God. I kg 5: 5 Solomon did what is fore-fathers Could not do.

- Faith- Heb.11; 6 you need faith to erect an altar.

- Holiness – Altar is sacred that is why you need to be holy to build a holy place for God.

I Peter 1:16; Ps 99:9

Why Is An Altar Necessary?

Þ To Worship, praise and communicate with God. Ps 99; 9, Gen.13: 4

‘If the people who are called by name shall humble themselves & pray & seek my face7 turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven & will forgive their sin and will heal their land’ – II Chro. 7:

a For thanksgiving – Ps 100:4

b To make vows and consecration unto God.

c To live a victorious life Rom.8 ; 37

d A blessed and satisfied life. Ps 24. 5, II Corin.9: 11

e To meet God for divine intervention and breakthrough.

Others are – Healing, Deliverance, Provision, Breakthrough e.t.c.


For you to get closer to God and have an intimate relationship with Him; to know and understand Him better, then you need to build a befitting place of worship (House of grace needs to be put into proper shape) for God by contributing your own quota to Church building through cash, kind and prayers. And you could also build one in your heart and home now!

An Altar brings you closer to God and there is a constant flow from God to you.

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