Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Understanding God’s words and gifts helps the Spirit strengthen our faith to withstand things we may not understand.

We must strengthen our faith with God’s truths.

Strong faith rests on understanding God’s words and works.

1. Understand what God Did when He Saved Us (18a)

Gave us the best future we could have

Gave us hope we could live as other “saints” do

Freed from bondage to the past

2. Understand what God Will Do for Us in Heaven (18b)

We will be glorified

Shown to be right

Exalted above others

We will use the eternally valuable gifts God gives

We will share some of God’s own things

Seek God first; things second

3. Understand what God Can Do for us Now (19-23)

God can act on our behalf now

God often acts as His church follows His Son in the Spirit

God watches us trust Him for salvation and heaven; don’t make him watch us fear to live for Him today.

Why not try to do more for God now, without excuses?

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