Summary: One day we will all find out that no matter how valuable the materials we use to build with, if the foundation is faulty all effort is in vain.

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Matt. 7:24-29

INTRO. This passage comes at the end of the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount in which he gives the beatitudes...shows the importance of his believers in the world (salt of the earth)...tells the Jews that he is the fulfillment of the Law of a new view of divorce and giving of alms...teaches how to pray properly... and warns against the danger of religious formalism.

He tells them that God the Father is concerned for their well-being and goes into chapter 7 with the admonition that we are not to judge our neighbors, but we are to leave that to God.

He ends with another lesson on prayer and a warning against false teachers. Then the whole thing is tied up neatly with out text.

The entire sermon might be summarize in these four points:

1) All men are building

2) All buildings set on a foundation

3) All foundations will be tried

4) Only one foundation will stand.


A. "Therefore" = means ‘knowing all of this then’. This refers back to vs. 21-23. The hearers are expected to take all they have just heard from Jesus and use that information to weigh the difference between the wise builder and the unwise builder. (Vs.. 24 and 26).

1. This is not a comparison between two men who deliberately set out to build on different foundations.

a. Rather, it is a comparison of one man who gives careful consideration to the foundation he is building on and another man who gives no thought at all to the foundation he is building on.

b. One goes by a plan and the other is haphazard. The lesson is clear in Lk. 6:47-49.

2. It is not so much that the foolish man actually believes that sand is a better foundation to build on. It’s just that he simply gives no thought to the importance of a good foundation. In his view, it is the house which is important and not the foundation.

B. Now we could draw many parallels to this picture.

1. Such as a teenager deciding what path he or she will follow in life. Shall it be the life of wild excitement ("where the action is") or shall he coolly and calmly decide on the right education and friends. Will he follow the life of drinking and drugs, deluding himself into believing that such things are a good foundation for his life or will he go with a good religious background and a strong moral character.

2. We might apply the parable to our choice of a life long mate. Shall we choose the exciting, popular person even though they are arrogant, proud and somewhat flighty or shall we choose the decent, quite and religious person. Here we might be reminded of the old saying that "still water runs the deepest".

3. And we might apply the meaning to the raising of our children. So often we say that we want our children to decide for themselves what they will believe and what church they should go to. But would you want an amateur to decide the foundation for your new home?

C. But the real meaning of the parable is eternal and timeless. It has to do with your soul and your next life. (Vs.. 24 & 26).

1. You are a builder, both in this life -- now and for the future; and for all eternity.

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