Summary: Can you imagine building a house without blueprints? Many people try to build their lives without them and life becomes a disaster!


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• Today is Father’s Day and we are going to continue with part two of our Life Series, today we will examine the issue of building without blueprints.

• This message is timely given that it is Father’s day and dads, we like to build stuff, except IKEA or Sauder furniture.

• If you want to build something right, you need a plan.

• WE have some folks here who have built houses before, would you want to build a house without a plan or a blueprint?

• What would happen if you decided you were going to build a house, but you decided to wing it? You decided that plans are for sissy’s or that even though you never built a house, that you watched enough HGTV to be able to build your home from your head.

• I bet that house would not turn out too well, you might not want to live in it. When I was a child, my friends and I used to build club houses with no plans, he had a few collapse on us.

• As foolish it would appear to want to build a home with np blueprints, consider the folly of building one’s life and family with no real blueprints.

• A house is just a building, a life is something so much more important, yet many live life without following any real plan or blueprint, they simply make it up as they go. Can you imagine what their house looks like?

• It is no wonder so many people make a train wreck of life.

• Do you know that there is a solid blueprint for life you can construct your life around? Today we will be in Psalm 127, we will focus on verses one and two together as we examine three principles that if grasped, will help us to have a much better life.

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Psalm 127:1 (HCSB) Unless the Lord builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain; unless the Lord watches over a city, the watchman stays alert in vain.

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God’s blueprint for life is that He is…

I. The builder of your home.

• This Psalm was written by Solomon. Solomon was one of the greatest builder ever, he was one of the wealthiest people ever, and he had a lot of issues within his own home with the numerous wives he had.

• Later in Solomon’s life, he built his home without a plan. The Psalmist is not talking about God pounding the nails and cutting the boards for one’s home, but rather, he is speaking about more than the building one resides.

• The Psalmist is speaking about how one builds their life and their family.

• Many people build their houses without a plan, with no blueprints, they kind of build it as they go and they build the home how they feel like building it.

• There are many of you here today who were raised in homes that were constructed with ZERO planning, with no blueprints to follow.

• This is reminiscent of the book of Judges.

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Judges 17:6 (HCSB) In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did whatever he wanted.

• People are building their homes with zero input from the master planner, they are paying no attention to the blueprint God has given us for the home, each family is doing whatever they want to.

• There are a good number of adults who are here today who have been damaged because of the homes in which they were raised was a total or near total train wreck.

• For one to allow God to build their home, the leader of the home must let God build them also! God has a plan for your life, the aim of the home is to do everything possible to make sure those within the home understand that God has a plan for them.

• At some point, and this has to start with Christians, we have to allow God to build our homes. Men, we need to be the leaders in our home, we need to show our families what a blessing it is to allow God to be the foundation of our life.

• For you ladies who have no husband or who have a terrible example of what a husband is supposed to be, you have to be the role model in the home so your children can at least see one person in the home God is building.

• God has a PLAN for all of us, He will not make you follow it; however, if you are not, how is that working out for you? How will it work out when you depart from this world?

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