Summary: A short sermon fictionalzing what it might have been like in the early church, showing us that the Apostles were normal men, and that everything we do should be done to the glory of God

Business as usual

Early Church Business Meeting

I want us to imagine what an early church business meeting was like

Lets imagine Peter was the moderator

Ok I declare us in conference for discussion of this months business

First lets hear our clerks report Brother Matthew

Last month on the third day of the second month we were declared in conference

The clerks and treasurers report was read

Followed by a report from Philip on the goings on in Galilee while we were away

There was no old business to discuss

In new business we voted on to allow two more seminars this year from Dr. Luke the first being next week and the second one later on this year after the harvest

The Zebedee brothers recommended getting three different quotes for the boat repairs needed

And Bartholomew volunteered to get those

With no further business to discuss we voted to dismiss

Thank you Brother Matthew

Now our treasurers report Brother Judas

We have 250 denarius in our account

We could have more if it wasn’t for the fact that this month we gave away on three different occasions 5 denarius to the poor

Which I firmly objected to I might add

We received several contributions to our funds from the women that helped us while touring Galilee

And we received an anonymous gift of 50 denarius last week

Our pay outs have been at a minimum this month

3 denarius to the market for food

And 2 denarius to Mary and Martha for their services last time we were in Bethany

Total paid out this month was 20 denarius

And total taken in was 60 giving us the ending balance of 250 denarius

Thank you Judas and Praise God for the blessing He has provided

Now do we have any reports?

Yes Brother Simon has a report

This months Pharisee report is grave

We have noticed an dramatic increase in the amount of persecution of the Master

Several attempts on His life have occurred

And more and more murmurs are being heard about a possible even stronger attempt to take His life

I urge each one of you to be on guard

All threats need to be taken seriously

I hope we all can stick together and stand strong with Jesus

If the time comes for us to fight

We need to be ready to defend our Lord with our very lives

Thank you Simon, and yes I hope we will all have the courage to defend the Master if the need arises

Ok any old business?

Yes the baskets

Anyone who still hasn’t turned in their baskets we used for the collection of leftover food from the feeding of the multitude needs to turn those back in

Speaking of that its good to see Thomas back with us tonight

After his bought with food poisoning from eating that leftover fish way to long after the miracle took place

We have a thank you card that we will pass around to sign for Dr. Luke for his time he spent with Thomas during his sickness

Bartholomew has an update on the boat repairs

Yes Peter, I have received two quotes

One from Galilee’s Sport and Tackle for 15 denarius

And one from Zachariah and Son Carpentry for 18

And I am still waiting on the third quote to come in

So I make a motion we wait until next month to make a decision for I should have the third quote by then

All those in favor of waiting until next month say Yea

And opposed say Nay

Motion carries

Any other old business?

Ok new business?


Ok for anyone that didn’t hear that Judas wants to make a motion that we greatly reduce the amount of donations to the poor for the next 2 months in order to prepare for the Passover Feast?

Do I hear a motion to that effect?

Ok is there a second?

No second?

Ok the motion fails

Our support of the poor will go on as scheduled

Any other new business?

Remember the Sabbath is coming up in two days

And Passover is just 2 months away so we do need to start looking for a place to meet and who will provide the meal

And remember next week we will be blessed with another seminar from Dr. Luke

This one is on fighting depression caused by fishing withdrawals

I know you wont want to miss that, I know I am looking forward to it myself

And we all learned some valuable lessons from his last seminar From Head to Toe

How not to neglect proper dental and foot care

If there is no other business I entertain a motion to adjourn

All those in favor please stand

This is probably not how it happened

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