Summary: The believer is not exempted from sickness but he may be a recipient of the mercy of amid his illness.

I. The Stature of Epaphroditus. Vs 25 my brother, companion, fellow-soldier, a messenger

II. The Servant Epaphroditus. Vs 25 served PAUL.

III. The Silence of Epaphroditus. Vs 26 kept his sickness to himself

IV. The Sorrow of Epaphroditus. Vs 26 he was heavy when his sickness reached the people of God.

V. The Sickness of Epaphroditus Vs 26 no exemption from sickness

VI. The Seriousness of His Sickness. Vs 27 unto death

VII. The Solace.. Vs 27 But God had mercy on him.

VIII. The Sacrifice of Epaphroditus. Vs 30 he regarded not his own life.

Conclusion: If you have been restored from any illness; praise God for His mercy.

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