Summary: This is the 3rd sermon in the series "Wrestling With Your Faith".

Series: Wrestling With Your Faith (Habakkuk)[#3]


Habakkuk 1:12-2:20


1. Habakkuk accused God of being indifferent, inactive, and inconsistent.

2. God answered this complaint with an explanation of how He was going to punish Judah.

3. Habakkuk then was afraid that God is making a mistake with His punishment.

The Complaint

Habakkuk presented 3 arguments to God:

The Holiness Of God

3 things stated about God:

1. He is eternal (Habakkuk 1:12).

2. He is unchanging- a Rock (Habakkuk 1:12).

3. He is holy (Habakkuk 1:13).

The Helplessness Of The People

Habakkuk 1:14-15

1. Habakkuk compared Judah to fish.

2. They were helpless.

3. They were being caught in a net.

The Haughtiness Of The Enemy

Habakkuk 1:16-17

1. The Babylonians were a proud nation.

2. They didn’t think any other nation was as great as they were.

3. Why would God let these prideful people destroy His chosen people?

The Reply

God gives instruction, condemnation, and assurance in His reply.


Habakkuk 2:1-4

2 Instructions:

1. Write. This message was worth hearing again.

2. Wait. God was going to finish what He started.


5 Woes:

1. Selfish ambition (Habakkuk 2:6).

2. Covetousness (Habakkuk 2:9).

3. Exploitation of people (Habakkuk 2:12).

4. Drunkenness (Habakkuk 2:15).

5. Idolatry (Habakkuk 2:19).


3 Assurances:

1. God’s grace (Habakkuk 2:4).

2. God’s glory (Habakkuk 2:14).

3. God’s government (Habakkuk 2:20).


1. Live by faith!

2. God knows what He is doing.

3. Be silent before God and listen!

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