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Summary: I pray that God would pour His anointing on me so that it permeates through this Word and reaches people who read it everywhere!

But NOW my eye sees YOU!

Job 42:5 " I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, But now my eye sees You.”

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I pray that God would pour His anointing on me so that it permeates through this Word and reaches people who read it everywhere! No matter when and where, I want you to hear His voice through this message! If you don’t meet God in the Word that is expounded by a servant of God, then it is of no use, I pray you meet God right here!

Never can I write this with a puffed up heart! I’m choked with emotions, as I write this!

I’m glad I was afflicted on all sides, so that I could reach out to someone out there and comfort them. May be you got a bad doctor report, bank report, HR report or a bad appraisal report and you feel like your world is in shambles, fear not – it is NOW the right time to see God! Read on….

This man Job had lost everything: health…no….no….the best way to put this is, ‘he is just a bag of bones as he utters these words, all his ten kids were dead in a sudden disaster, wife despised him, friends mocked him, with just nothing at all and in the midst of this ‘ash heap’, Job said, ‘I have heard of You earlier, but NOW, my eye sees You.’ Observe the word ‘NOW’! Now, that he has lost his cattle, camels, donkeys, now, that he had lost his beloved children, now that his faults has been brutally pointed out by his friends, now that he has been terribly afflicted, betrayed and rejected by his wife, Job was able to see God! We cannot see God surrounded with abundance! We have a clear vision of God from the ash heap! We see God when we are empty of pride! We see God when the kitty is empty! Are you listening to me? Hear me today!

We have no time for God because we are busy with projects, seminars, traveling, submitting reports, getting ready for the next assignment, too many kids, too much of cooking – that includes exotic variety of food, cluttered with electronic gadgets, your busy playing with your ‘achievements and accolades’, we see better once we are stripped of these. I know you don’t like me saying this! Tamilian Actor and director Kamal Hassan of the controversial movie Vishvaroopam, that had been banned for some time, said, ‘I invested my life time savings for this 100 crore project trusting my talents, technical skills and business acumen and now I stand to lose everything, but still I am not lost because nobody can touch my talents.’ A bloated heart can never see God!

Naomi was able to see God and return to Him, only after she had lost her husband and her two sons due to their fatal mistake of getting their sons married to idol worshippers. She said, “I went out full, and the LORD has brought me home again empty.” ( Ruth 1:21) Friend, when we are afflicted, let us not only just complain against God, why not search our hearts for wrongdoings? Read : Ecclesiastes 7:14”In the day of prosperity be joyful, But in the day of adversity consider: Surely God has appointed the one as well as the other, So that man can find out nothing that will come after him.”

Few years back, when the doctor told me you got to have an operation immediately but when I didn’t have the money for the basic scanning and blood tests, it sure was a wonderful situation to see God now. Why are you so astounded to hear this? You cannot see God from your comfort zone, you got to come out of it. Are you hearing me? When I read a book written by Neil Anderson, when I came to the portion where he talked about not having money for his wife’s eye operation and how he had to sell something to meet the expenses, I closed the book and wept; however, all this turned him to a great author. You cannot write what you have not seen! You cannot write about having a vision of God in the midst of pain without you experiencing it to start with. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego encountered God in the fire! Daniel encountered God in the lion’s den! Joseph met God inside the prison! You can either embrace God as you go through severe trials and sufferings or reject Him and embrace the devil! Choice is yours! You either meet God or hit the bottle! Choice is yours!

I was captivated by the trust of David in God that has percolated in his writings and we have this awesome book called Psalms in the Bible, that today comforts millions. He did not write those verses from his air-conditioned bedroom, some of them were written from the wilderness and caves. He said:

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