Summary: Why turn back

This year we are focusing on not turning back. As we start this year I’m sure that most of us have plenty behind us. In fact for some there is more road behind you than there is ahead and turning back would be a bad idea. Based on this scripture turning back would be bad for all of us, which leads to the question but why though?

There are three points I want to focus on, why turn back when:

1. God brought you through the distractions

a. Peter spoke of the false prophets and how they were leading Christian away from the teachings of Christ.

b. There are some Christians that are being led astray by the glitter and glam and God is asking the question but why though

2. God delivered you from the disease

a. Peter used the dog as an example, because dogs were considered scavengers and unclean. The dog vomiting and then going back and eating it again

b. The reason for vomiting is because the body is rejecting something that could be poisonous or harmful. This is the reason that it’s coming up, but to go back and eat the very thing you were delivered from leaves the question, but why though

c. When God brings us out of the poisonous relationships and situations. When He has brought you out of the sinful life, why would you go back from the very thing He’s delivered you from

3. God is leading you to your destiny

a. Peter says to the church it’s better for you if you had not known than to know and you still turn back.

a. It’s like a fool returning to its folly. A fool is ignorant and has no desire to be righteous, so they find pleasure, comfort and peace in the midst of their foolishness.

b. Your destiny is before you and not behind you. Looking back, turning back or going back will keep you from the very promises God has instore for you. But you rather go back, because going forward requires faith. Don’t allow fear override, your faith that will keep you frozen in time.

Turn from the distractions, accept the deliverance from the disease and embrace the destiny that God has already set your course on. So again why turn back from all that God has brought you through. He’s still asking the question “But Why Though”?

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