Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Part 4 focuses on the Eagle

Buzzards, Bats, Bumblebees and Eagles Part 4

Are You Living Like The Eagle?

Scriptures: Exo. 19:4; John 13:15; 14:15-17; Rev. 19:16; 2 Tim. 2:11-12;

Isa. 46:3-4; 33:16 Psalm 57:1; Matthew 7:22-23


Previously in this series I discussed the buzzards, the bats and the bumblebees. With all of their capabilities and gifts, each when faced with certain adversities would give in to the adversity which would sometimes lead to their death. The buzzard needed running room in order to take off and fly thus when placed in a smaller pen, it would not even try to fly. The bats needed extra space to throw themselves into the air in order to fly and if placed on a flat surface they would remain there. The bumblebee with all of its flying capabilities would stay in a regular drinking glass if placed into the bottom of it, never figuring out that it could fly out of the top of it. In each case we realize that we too face situations that in our own minds we believe are impossible to deal with so we just sit there in the situation without trying to come out of it or believing God to deliver us. This morning we will examine the positive and negative traits of the eagle, a majestic bird that truly rules the air. As with the previous three messages, I want you to consider if you are living like the eagle or living with them.

I. Negative Traits of the Eagle

For all of its majestic qualities, the eagle has many evil qualities that can also be found in the lives of men. Although I will not dwell on all of the eagle’s negative traits, I want to provide a few so that when we discuss the positive traits you will be able to see the importance of making choices of what we want to be present in our lives. One of the first negative traits of the eagle is its looks. The eagle is neither fair nor comely in its appearance. It looks like what it is, a bird of prey, and a killer. The eagle fulfills what it looks like and when other birds see it, they know to stay away. Have you ever met someone who fulfilled what they looked like by choice? What about that person who looks dangerous but is not. I remember watching the movie "The Green Mile" and the main character was so big that everyone just assumed that he was dangerous. But within, he was a very gentle soul. The eagle fulfills it’s image, but we have the ability to take on another image.

The eagle has no sweet voice and when she speaks she bring fear to any animal within hearing distance. Do you know anyone like that? They do not possess the ability to speak calmly, to comfort and or make someone feel better. They thrive on using words to hurt. The eagle is very quarrelsome, preying and devouring. It’s ability to cause problems for other animals is great. The eagle is a solitary and envious bird. Although it desires to be alone, it is very envious of others. There are many people who do not have friends and prefer to be alone. Then there are those who are so envious of others and what they have that they cannot have friends. The only friends they desire are those that have less than they do and then they can feel comfortable around them. Another negative trait of the eagle is that it is proud and lofty and an enemy to peace. Remember earlier I told how the eagle is quarrelsome; the eagle does not like peace. It cannot remain in harmony with other birds. All other birds are subject to being attacked and eaten. The eagle being very proud and lofty considerers itself high above all others, just like people do. Finally, the eagle is very crafty: she fills her wings with dust and gets upon a stag’s horns and beats the dust and sand into his eyes until she blinds him and soon conquerors him. The eagle plans out the best way to attack and be victorious, coming across as harmless until it attacks. Again, people have these same traits. When you consider the negative traits of the eagle do you see why there are people who hate the United States – the eagle represents us. In many ways, some of our traits as a nation are captured in these negative traits of the eagle.

So, with these negative traits, why did I choose the eagle for our example? The answer is found in God’s word for in His word there are many references to this majestic bird. For example, when God brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt, He said to the people "You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself." (Exodus 19:4) The eagle is used in many examples of the interactions that God (and Jesus) has with His people. The eagle also has characteristics that are very appropriate for our consideration as we continue to develop into the person God has called us to be. For example, the eagle trains up her young to be like herself and to mount as she mounts. Jesus does the same with us. He has given us His Word so that we may be able to walk, to mount, to accomplish just as He. Jesus said in John 13:15 "I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you." In other words, He gave us an example to follow and we should be about following His example. The eagle has some very convincing positive traits that are characteristic of our Lord and Savior and therefore some we should pay close attention to. Consider these positive traits:

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