Summary: The greatest lessons about Christ’s person and His plan are often learned in places of panic, fear and anxiety.


A. Today, It Is Modern Banias

B. Located High Elevation Above Sea of Galilee

1. Mountains near headwaters of Jordan River

2. Mount Hermon – on the lower slopes of which is Caesarea-Philippi

3. There, Jesus took His disciples to test them as to His identity

C. This Area of Caves – Ragged & Rugged Terrain

1. Popular area for cultish worship

2. Pagan inhabitants made it a center of pagan rites

3. Superstition abounded

D. Especially Known For The Worship Of The Greek God “Pan”

1. Name of the current town “Banias” = a form of the English term for “Pan”

2. Pan = god of the mountainside, of pastures, goats & sheep - depicted as a shaggy wild man with goat-like horns & hooves - he had a dark side & often spent his time chasing after the nymphs (in mythology – beautiful young women) of the woods - if he caught them, he’d hurt them & rape them

3. Anyone traveling in the wooded, mountainous area around Caesarea- Philippi moved quietly as not to disturb him

4. From this word “Pan” we get our English word “Panic”

5. “Pan” came to be thought of as the god of anxiety and fright

E. Interesting That Jesus Took His Followers To This Very Region To Teach Them

1. This incident at Caesarea Philippi marks dividing point in Jesus’ ministry

2. Until then & even there, focus had been upon His person (vv. 13-20)

3. There & after, focus centered on His great work on the cross (v. 21)

F. Our Lord Took The Disciples To A Place Of “Panic” To Teach Them The Wonders Of His Own Person & Work


A. Lessons About His Person

1. That He is greater than Pan

2. That He is greater than devil who comes to pillage & rape

3. That He is greater than anxiety, superstition, false gods

B. Lessons About His Plan – The Work On The Cross

1.That at Calvary, he faced the worst that any of us could face

2. Because of that, we can face our fears – Gethsemanes

3. Because of that, we can shoulder our burdens – our Cross

C. Scriptures That Help Me When I Feel Afraid:

Jeremiah 29:11

Proverbs 3:5-6

Matthew 6:28-34

Romans 8:28

Romans 8:38-39

Philippians 4:6

1 John 4:18


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