Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Caleb (like Christ) had confidence and comfort in God, contrasted with the crowd’s cowardice and condemnation.

1. CALEB’S CONFIDENCE (Trusting God) cst. CROWD’S COWARDICE (Trusting ourselves) NUMBERS 13:1-14:10

Courageous spy (v6- outsider yet leader; v20- obedient & brave; v22- the fearsome Anakim- what are yours?)

Apt to bring out good in things (v20, 27- good fruit- what are yours?)

Leadership (v30- quietens crowds, acknowledges authority, bold speech, collective responsibility, immediate action, confidence in God’s strength)

Emotions and reasons (14:6- big ‘But’, tearing clothes; v7- focus on promise; v8- simple equation [cf.Ps37:4]; v9- fear God not man)

Brave to be unpopular (14:6- 10:2 against; 14:10- 603,550:4 against!!! The kind of odds God likes- Rom.8:37; Jos.23:10)

Counting woes not blessings (v27-29, 59v12 words!!; focus on problem not solution-provider; fear of big men not bigger God)

Realism without God (v31, us vs them = defeat; God + us vs them = victory; don’t ask if it’s possible- ask if it’s right, cos everything is possible with God)

Old wives’ tales- heart-melting (v32- a land that devours its inhabitants?!)

Whinging (14:1- cried but not to God; 2- complained but did not supplicate; 2,3- ungrateful, histrionic overdramatics [Kevin!]; 3- rose-tinted nostalgia)

Downright rebellion (v4- going back to the devil you know- better than the God you don’t; v10- picking on the righteous [cf.Acts 7:54-58]; 14:22, testing God at least 10 times!)

2. CALEB’S COMFORT (God’s reward) cst. CROWD’S CONDEMNATION (God’s judgement) above & JOSHUA 14:6-15

Carried others’ judgement himself(Jos.14:10,cf.Heb.13:13-without the camp)

Hope fulfilled (Num.14:24, against hope; cf.Heb.11:13-16- beyond hope!)

Resolutely robust (Jos.14:10,11- unwilting strength; cf. Isa.40:31, Deut.34:7- God sustains godly men to the end; 2 Cor.4:16, Col.1:29, Heb.7:25- a greater, spiritual strength)

Immortal till God’s work is done in him (Jos.14:12, cf. 2 Pet.1:14, Phil.1:25)

Sufficiency in all things leading to generosity (Jos.15:13,19, cf.2 Cor.9:8)

Total commitment yields total reward (Num.14:24,38; 26:65; 32:12; Deut.1:36; Josh.14:14; cf. 2 Cor.4:17, Heb.12:2- wholly and fully, no compromise)

Cut off and replaced (Num.14:12, cf. Rom.11:20- nominal & spiritual Israel)

Rejection of God means God’s rejection, death and no future (Num.14:23,34; cf. Matt.7:21-23; Mark 16:16)

Own timing for God’s agenda (Num.14:39-45- presumption; cf. Luke 15:12- now, not later)

Worldly sorrow produces death (Num.14:39,40; cf. Luke 16:24; 2 Cor.7:10, Heb.12:17)

Destroyed without God’s help by God’s enemies (Num.14:44,45- no ark, no victory; Acts 19:14-16)

Q. In what areas of life are you trusting in God?

Q. In what areas of life are you trusting in your own wisdom and strength?

Q. What is your comfort and hope?

Q. How can you be sure to avoid God’s judgement?

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