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Summary: When God calls us God is no respecter of persons-young, old, rich, poor, etc. God calls people from of all walks of life and backgrounds to serve him.

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Many of you may remember Peter Marshall. Some of you may have read the book his wife wrote about him, A Man Called Peter. Peter used to tell again and again how God called him. As a young teenager, he was walking out on the Scottish moors. It was foggy and he was alone. Suddenly he heard a voice call, “Peter.” There was a great urgency in the voice. But he said he stopped and listened and moved on another step, then heard more urgently, “Peter.” He paused, stumbled, and fell to his knees and said, “Speak, Lord.” As he fell he put out his hands to catch himself and found nothing there. He was on the very edge of a cliff. One more step would have ben his certain death. Now Peter Marshall was sure that God called him, that God had a purpose in his life to have intervened so specifically. 2

God calls us too—just as he called Jeremiah and Peter Marshall. How carefully are we listening?

A devout English judge in India befriended an Indian lad who came from a prominent family, but who had been cast out by his relatives because he had converted to Christianity. The judge took the boy into his household where he worked as a house boy or servant. It was the custom in the household to have devotions every evening, and one night the judge read the words, “Every one who has forsaken houses, brother, sister, wife, children or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold.”

Turning to the lad, the judge said, “Nobody here has done this except Norbudur. Will you tell us, is it true?”

The Indian lad, read the verse again, then said, “It says he gives hundredfold. I know he gives thousandfold.” 3

As Norbudur and Jeremiah discovered, God’s call can be very risky and costly—yet, in the end, both come to realise that in serving the LORD there is blessing upon blessing for those who listen and respond by following where God leads. God also calls you and me; God believes in you and me to accomplish his purposes. You are special and of infinite worth to God. Do you believe in God enough to listen, respond to, and follow him wherever he leads you? For if you do, there is blessing upon blessing waiting for you too! Amen.


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