Summary: As Christians, we have been called to active duty in the war against evil.

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Text: Ephesians 6:10 – 18

I. Introduction:

• p. 372 – Onward Christian Soldiers

• Not sang much any more

• Radio preacher “Americans think that God has called them to a playground instead of a battlefield”

• We are at war!

II. Body:

A. Our Strength (v. 10)

• It’s not our strength

Philippians 4:13

• How do we get to be strong in the Lord?

o Training (church, study)

o Obedience (strong in the Lord)

o Exercise (pushing yourself)

B. Our Enemy (vv. 11, 12)

• Satan, his forces, and his system

1 Peter 5:8, 9

• What are the wiles of the devil?

He attacks when…

o you are alone

o you are on his turf

o you are weak

o you are unprepared

C. Our Mission (vv. 11, 13)

• Stand = to remain steadfast; not retreat

• Three Hebrew children and furnace

• Withstand = to resist; endure; oppose

James 4:7

• Jesus overthrowing money changers

D. Our Defenses (vv. 14 – 17)

• How does God’s armor protect us in battle?

o Belt of truth (Authenticity)

o Breastplate of righteousness (Righteousness)

o Boots of preparation (Readiness)

o Shield of faith (Faith)

o Helmet of salvation (Assurance)

• You need all of God’s armor (vv. 11, 13)

E. Our Weapon (v. 17)

Hebrews 4:12

• Use it to fight against temptation, false doctrine

• Proficiency with a weapon requires practice

• Regular time of study and meditation

F. Our Orders (v. 18)

• Communication with your Commander is essential in any battle

• Ask for guidance, help (for ourselves and others)

• Watch = be alert and ready

• What should we be watching for?

o attacks from the enemy

o opportunities to advance

o the return of our Lord

III. Conclusion:

• You’ve been called to active duty

• There are no reserves in God’s army

• How good of a soldier are you? (2 Timothy 2:1 – 4)

• p. 381 Stand Up for Jesus

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