Summary: Nothing is too big for Jesus!

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• Our country has been hit by some rough hurricanes lately. Those hurricanes left a path of pain and destruction for those who lived in the areas that were affected.

• When the weather service warned us that the storms were coming, people took precautions and many had to leave their homes.

• If you watched some of the interviews with those who lost everything, you can feel their pain as you saw everything they had be washed and blown away.

• It was heartbreaking to see.

• For those in the path of the storm, there was not much they could do other than to prepare and leave until the storms finished doing their thing.

• Life can feel that way sometimes and can be very difficult at times. For some it is a constant struggle.

• The good thing about the hurricanes is the fact that we knew they were coming; however, it is not always that way in life.

• Today as we continue with our Deep Thoughts with Jesus series, we are going to examines some issues pertaining to a storm that Jesus and His disciples were going to face.

• Today, we are going to look at three, yet profound issues pertaining to the storm that we can cling on to as we face the storms of life.

• The context of this event is that Jesus has been healing people at Capernaum, and the crowds were growing by the moment.

• By the way, this event takes place before Jesus walking on water that we covered a few weeks ago.

• Nonetheless, the crowds were getting large, so Jesus knows they need to get away from the crowds.

• Let’s turn to Matthew 8:23-24 to begin this morning.

• SLIDE #2

Matthew 8:23–24 (CSB) — 23 As he got into the boat, his disciples followed him. 24 Suddenly, a violent storm arose on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by the waves—but Jesus kept sleeping.

• SLIDE #3


I. Jesus sent these men into the storm.

• Ok, here is a simple, but a deep thought to ponder, Jesus sent these men into the storm.

• These men did nothing to cause the storm they were going to face, they simply did what Jesus asked them to do.

• Now, I do not want to imply that Jesus leads us into all the storms of life we face, but sometimes He does.

• SLIDE #4 Sea of Galilee

• The Sea of Galilee is located in the north of the valley of the Jordan, is about thirteen miles in length and seven and one-half miles in width.

• It lies approximately six hundred eighty feet below the level of the Mediterranean.

• Its bed is a depression surrounded by hills, especially on the east side with its steep cliffs.

• It is understandable that when the cool currents rush down from Mt. Hermon (9,200 feet) or from elsewhere and through narrow passes between the steep hills collide with the heated air above the lake basin, this down rush is sudden.

• The violent winds whip the sea into a fury, causing high waves that splash over bow, side rails, etc., of any vessel that happens to be plying the water surface. In the present instance the small fishing craft, swamped by towering billows, was becoming the toy of the raging elements. Baker NTC: Matthew.

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