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Summary: A look at the confidence we can have that God has heard our prayer as well as some of the reasons He doesn't always respond immedately.


1. Christ has promised access.

- Luke 11:9; John 14:14; John 15:7.

- Through what Christ has done for us, we have access to God the Father.

- It’s important that our right to come to the Father is not based on our actions or behavior. If that was the case, we’d constantly be losing that right.

- Rather our right to access was purchased through Christ’s death on the cross.

- This gives us confidence to know that Jesus has opened the door for us through what He did, not what we did.

2. Boldness has been encouraged.

- Ephesians 3:12; Hebrews 4:16; Hebrews 10:19.

- Look up a verse or two.

- It’s not just that we have access, but we have been invited to be bold in our prayers.

- This is not a begrudging right that God has granted, only to be reluctantly answered. God encourages us not only to pray, but to pray boldly.


1. There might be issues with your spiritual maturity.

- James 1:2-4; James 5:16.

- James 1 speaks of delays increasing our faith.

- Waiting and seeing God come through causes us to have more faith and confidence in Him.

- Faith, after all, is the evidence of things not seen.

- Two specifics:

a. Active sin in your life.

- There may be significant sin in your life that’s keeping God from being able to do what He wants to through you.

- Obviously, confession is the first step.

- If we’re unsure if this is the problem, we should start by sincerely seeking God. Ask Him if there are things in your life that need removed.

- God has clear reasons to answer that request, since He wants you out of that sin.

b. Greater maturity to handle answers.

- Sometimes the doors that we want Him to open would ultimately be destructive to us.

- It might be a job with significantly higher pay, but we’re not mature enough to handle the money wisely.

- It might be a romantic relationship, but we’re not mature enough to see that have a solid foundation.

2. There might be issues with others’ hearts.

- Matthew 23:37.

- God will not force people to do things they don’t want to do. He has granted us free will.

- Sometimes God may be ready to move forward on our request, but a full answer requires someone to change their heart. God is simply waiting on that piece to fall into place.

3. There might be issues with timing.

- Matthew 16:20.

- There may be issues with the timing of bringing the answer. Various pieces falling into place require a delay.

- God may be bringing things in a much larger picture than just our lives, which may necessitate the part we want completed to be held off.

- Example: Karen and I at Marshall, not meeting for five years.

4. There might be issues with spiritual warfare.

- Daniel 10:12-14.

- In Daniel there is an interesting story where an angel says that he was delayed in delivering a message because of demonic opposition. There may be times when prayers are not answered as quickly as we’d like because of spiritual warfare in various forms.

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