Summary: The Apostle John tells us that we can know we are saved, and then in this epistle gives us three criteria from the Word of God that allow us to know this with certainty.


1 John 5:13

Greenmount and O’Leary Churches of Christ

February 17, 2019

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1) Is it possible to know that we are saved?

A.) To put it another way, if we were to die today, would we have not only the hope and confidence of eternal life, but an affirmation from the Word of God to prove it?

B.) This is a question that many Christians have considerable difficulty to answer.

ba.) Many Christians are not sure of their present salvation.

bb.) I have heard Christians say I think I am saved, or I hope I am saved, or I try my best, or only God really knows that, or some other similar statement.

bc.) I have heard other believers tell me with confidence that they are saved, yet merely base that presumption on their feelings, and emotions, but not with a confirmation of that belief from the Word of God.

2.) As we look to 1 John 5:13, the Apostle John gives us confidence from the inspired Word of God that we can know that we are saved.

A.) Hear the Word of the Lord: “”I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.

B.) John’s words affirmed as a “Thus saith the Lord that we can know of our salvation.

ba.) In this epistle, John gives us three more this “Thus saith the Lord statements that testify to both our salvation and eternal life.

bb.) So let us examine these three statements by which we can know with the certainty of the Word of God of our salvation.


1 John 2:3

1) Certainly, there are many commandments given to us in the Word of God, and in the New Testament Scriptures.

A.) I think we would all have to agree that if God gives us a commandment it is something to be taken seriously.

B.) We would also agree there are many commandments in the word of God, including in the New Testament Scriptures.

C.) When the inspired Word of God addresses us in an area of our lives we need to see it as the inspired Word of God for us to live by.

ca.) When an Apostle of Jesus Christ gives us instruction it is inspired by God, and therefore has the authority of being a “Thus saith the Lord declaration.”

D.) While there are many commandments for us to follow in Scripture John is specifically addressing the matter of salvation, and has stated that obedience to the commandments of God is a matter that will serve to give us the knowledge of our salvation.

2) In order to know we have been saved, the first commandments by which we can know that we are saved are those commandments which bring us to and keep us in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

A) Have we come to the place of believing, or perhaps more correctly putting our faith in Jesus Christ?

aa.) Scripture makes it very clear that for us to know we are saved we must come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

ab.) Acts 16:31

aba.) The context of these words was just after Paul and Silas had been released from a Philippian prison as Paul was addressing the Jailer regarding his salvation.

abb.) Paul preached to him that he had to come to put his faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of his sins.

.01) This was a man who had not known of Jesus, and so at this stage of his walk the first and only thing he needed at that moment was faith.

.001) Sadly today, there are many who will refer to this verse of Scripture alone without looking at the rest of this passage, and use it as an entire plan of salvation by itself.

.002) Certainly that is a spiritual tragedy whenever that occurs.

.003) In fact this very passage when you look at the entirety of it makes it very clear that this was only the first step in this man coming to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

.004) Acts 16 proceeds to tell us that after this Paul taught him about Jesus Christ.

.005) During this time the man realized his need of baptism for his salvation; There in the middle of the night Paul went down and immersed this man.

.006) It was only then that Scripture records this man as rejoicing at his new relationship in Christ.

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