"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio


Summary: When there was severe draught in Israel because God had withheld rain in that place due to their wickedness and disobedience, Elijah prophesied ‘I can hear the sound of rain.’ Awesome!

Can you hear what I hear?

1 King 18:41” And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain.”

Some movie lovers and those who have musical ears, identify the movie tunes in a jiffy and then impeccably remember the lyrics and sing it, even if it may be tunes as way back as twenty or thirty years. Such is the memory of movies! Likewise, names of cars, names of movie stars along with their birth dates are all remembered perfectly. Imagine! Oh, do we remember the word of God that way! If we do remember His Words and promises then we do not have to get terrified every time the storm blows and the waters scare to topple the boat of life. Are you hearing me please? We need to have our ears tuned to God!

When there was severe draught in Israel because God had withheld rain in that place due to their wickedness and disobedience, Elijah prophesied ‘I can hear the sound of rain.’ Awesome! I am going to pump faith, energy, joy, hope, whatever you call it today into your life. Get ready! Be happy! Nothing is lost. Our Redeemer lives! Ah, shout out praises for Him! How am I able to write several messages on ‘giant faith’ and ‘challenges’? Because I went through that path several times, but never for a moment think that I crossed those tough terrains fearlessly and bravely. I did shudder, I did wonder why everybody had failed me, I did panic, nevertheless, I did not turn back, instead I kept moving forward in the strength of God. Give Him all the praises please!

Friend, when the finances are plummeting and the bills are piling up and you have prayed, fasted and done everything possible but things don’t seem to change, when your family abandon you, when people who helped you in the past ignore you, none even enquire if you are alive and kicking, your friends become your foe, your business refuses to move, church refuse to move and stay rigid, ministry seems to be dry and there is total barrenness that is enveloping you, marriage seem to be hitting the rocks and health deteriorating. What do you do? I remember a day when our ministry refused to move, everything seem to be stagnant and I felt like the whole world crumbling around me. I waited for my daughter to come back and I placed my head on her shoulders and I wept and wept…. she just held me lovingly and stroked my head. Did not say a word. I guess God watched Elijah sitting alone among the lions like Ahab and working for Him. God arose! AHHHHHHHH! Who can stop the rain when God opens the heavenly tap?

Elijah did not stop with just stating ‘I can hear the sound of abundant rain’ but he followed it up with severe prayer, he cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between his knees and prayed. He further faithfully commanded his servant to go and look towards the sea. The servant comes to him and says, ‘there is nothing’, Elijah’s faith does not get deterred, he says, ‘go back again and see seven times.’ At the seventh time, the servant said he could see a small cloud like a man's hand. That was enough for Elijah! He knew God had moved! Now he was ready to command the king and say, ‘ prepare your chariot and get going.’ Friend, when you have a clear vision of God working in your life, then you can confidently speak to kings and princes. No fear whatsoever!

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