3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: This sermon dispells that idea that the Bible and Science are incompatable by demonstrating that tha bias of evolutionists against God has corrupted their discoveries.

Today, it is popular to say today “If you believe in the Bible, you are un-scientific.” This bias against Christians is most seen in three areas: Science, Education and Politics. As an example of this bias, during the Sept 8 Republican Presidential Primary Debate, Jon Huntsman accused Texas Gov Rick Perry of “running from science” because he did not believe in global warming or evolution. The news media and academic elites are quick to pick up on this judgment against what they view as un-scientific Christians.

The judgment against Christians is not new. Since the beginning of the Age of Reason, Science went from its foundation of Christian principles, to become a religion of its own, entirely against the idea of

‒ Miracles

‒ Creation, or

‒ a Young Earth

How have Christians responded to this judgment?

1. Some Avoid scientific issues of creation

2. Others Adapt to contemporary science

The BioLogos Foundation is one group that strongly asserts you can reconcile the Christian faith and evolution. According to their website, The BioLogos Foundation “is a group of Christians, many of whom are professional scientists, biblical scholars, philosophers, theologians, pastors, and educators, who are concerned about the long history of disharmony between the findings of science and large sectors of the Christian faith. We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. We also believe that evolution, properly understood, best describes God’s work of creation.” This group of professing Christians says they are committed to promoting a perspective on the origins of life that is both theologically and scientifically sound. In the words of BioLogos contributor Tim Keller, their main point of advocacy is “that biological evolution and biblical orthodoxy can be compatible.” [1]

William Lane Craig, a leading Christian apologist argues that Christians who believe that the earth is young are a liability against belief in the gospel

But as we will see today, if one believes that the Bible is to be interpreted literally, Scripture itself does not allow for billions of years for the earth’s creation. I propose to you that adapting the Bible to fit with modern science weakens the gospel, because the evolutionary model is built first and foremost on a pursuit to eliminate the need for God. Therefore, I urge us today to

3. Advance the gospel, by a knowledgeable, accurate, and logical defense of the literal interpretation of the Bible, and the relatively young age for the earth.

Today’s sermon is not a SCIENCE LESSON, but a BIBLE LESSON.

Note that in GENESIS 5:3-32, we have a series of genealogical records covering ten generations. Each contain 5 parts

(1) the age of the individual patriarch when he fathers his firstborn son,

(2) the remaining years of his life,

(3) the acknowledgment of “other sons and daughters,”

(4) the total years of his life, and

(5) the notice of his death. (Mathews, NAC, vol. 1A, 308)

This arrangement leaves no gaps in the record between ADAM and NOAH.

The next set of records is found in Genesis 11:10-32. It is somewhat less precise, but it too covers ten generations and gives us a continual list of the individuals between Noah and Abram.

There are tremendous implications from observing these passages.

1. From Adam-Noah there are Ten generations, or 1186 years

2. From Noah - Abram, there are Ten generations, or 390 Years.

3. The text leaves open the possibility of a greater amount of time between Noah and Abraham, but not enough of a difference to accommodate an evolutionary view.

4. Therefore, we come up with a date of creation approx 4,000-6,000 BC

Why does this matter?

1. REDEMPTION. The most important observation is that there is a Continuous Record from Adam to CHRIST! This is to demonstrate that the redeemer promised when Adam and Eve sinned has come.

Perhaps you are tempted to read through these genealogies quickly. There is nothing very exciting about reading lists of names that you do not know. But although there is nothing of a devotional nature here, there is great significance in the fact that God gives us a continuous record that demonstrates the Messiah’s place as the descendant of Adam, Abraham and David. The Bible is teaching us that redemption is God’s priority and that He has not forgotten his promise! The Geneologies give us the PATH to REDEMPTION!

Some of the most important chapters in the Bible are Genesis 5, 10, 11, Matt 1, Luke 3!

2. REVELATION. If we dismiss Genesis 1-2, we can dismiss the rest of the Bible

The Bible is a unique book. The only book from ancient history that gives the names and record of people from Adam to Jesus!

3. RELEVANCE. God’s Word is our foundation.

4. REVERENCE. Evolution is first and foremost a system of belief based on the assumption that there is no God. Notice how evolutionists view their belief. It is obvious from these quotes, and many others, that evolution is a philosophical, or religious pursuit. While they claim to be pure, unbiased scientists, they are guided by their presuppositions, and they are extremely strong.

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