Summary: The importance of going to church as a Christian


A) Let me begin by saying that it doesn’t matter at all what you think about the subject,

* Nor does it matter what I think about it, but what does the Lord think about it!

* And I might add that He says what He thinks about it in Heb.10:25-27!

B) There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus went to church ... faithfully!

* Luke 4:16 "And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was,

he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day, and stood up for to read."

* Notice the phrase ... "And, as his custom was ..."

C) Jesus could always be depended upon, as a boy, and as a youth, and as a man,

* To be in His place in the synagogue as service was going on!

* Nobody in this building can argue with that statement!

* Jesus was regular ... every Sabbath! * We too need to be regular in our church attendance!

D) The reason for the church can be found in Eph.4:12 ...

* "For the perfecting ... saints, for the work ... ministry, for the edifying ... body of Christ."

* We gather together with God’s people , where the Word of God is appreciated, and where

we come together to sing praises and to pray!

E) Many times, we lose sight of Jesus, or lose consciousness of His presence!

* Like Joseph and Mary in Lk.2:43 and guess where they found Him ... The Temple!

* In John 6:24, after the feeding of 5,000, they went looking for Jesus.

* And once again, where did they find Him? * In the synagogue - v.59! * He was faithful!

F) It’s wonderful to meet with Him and worship Him! * I want to share something .......

* Matt.18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the ......."

* One Christmas Eve, the phone rang in the office of the Pastor of a church in Washington DC

that President Franklin Roosevelt attended.

* "Tell me Rev." the voice inquired, "Are you holding a Christmas Eve service tonight?"

G) When told that there would certainly be a service that evening, the caller asked,

* "And do you expect President Roosevelt to attend your church tonight?"

* "That," explained the Pastor patiently, "I cannot promise, I’m not sure about the President’s

plans for this evening."

* "But I can say that we fully expect God to be in our church tonight, and we feel secure in

the knowledge that His attendance will attract a reasonably large congregation."

H) Many times we are distracted away from church!

* We say we are only missing church! * Had to miss church because of job .......

* Had to miss because company was coming ... or had an appointment ... or just too tired, etc.

* But we are actually missing God’s presence! * Mt.18:20 says Jesus is there when 2 or 3 .......!

I) You are leaving the presence of God to work at a job!

* You are leaving the presence of God to be with friends or family!

* You are leaving the presence of God because you made an appointment with someone who is

undoubtedly more important to be in their presence than God’s presence!

* You are leaving the presence of God because you are too tired to be in His presence!

J) The message: "Can’t I be saved and not go to church?"

* There are many number of Scriptures I could use here, but ... Psalm 1:1-2

* Please note with me about three things about the subject .......


* Note that this is a direct command, it is not a suggestion!

A) The word "forsaking" means: to desert, to leave behind.

* Don’t desert or leave behind the assembly and many are doing just that!

* "As the manner of some is." * This indicates that some of the Hebrew Christians failed to

assemble themselves in the house of God!

B) This command is to Christians according to v.19-23!

* Nowhere in Scripture are sinners commanded to go to church, but Christians are!

* Christians are to give God first place in their lives!

* Whatever we do ought to be done for God’s glory! * Not only does it do ourselves good,

but we encourage & comfort one another & get stirred up for God!

* Why don’t we just obey the Word of God and pattern our lives like Jesus!

* He went to church regularly and faithfully!


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