Success is not everything....

Genesis 4: 16 Then Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden.

FAMILY LINE: After Cain and Enoch the Bible records 4 more in this line –

To Enoch was born Irad; and

Irad begot Mehujael, and

Mehujael begot Methushael, and

Methushael begot Lamech.


WORLDY SUCCESS: We can see that after leaving God and His presence, Cain was not a failure or a mess, but he built a city and named it after his son Enoch. Everything seems to be going great, the other descendants also were builders, musicians, skilled men in the use of bronze and iron, we have here mentioned in verses 20-22 all that is required for a luxurious modern living. Youngsters today plan about foreign vacation, car, own opulent houses, branded clothes and everything except connection with God. Cain generation is what we see, are you listening? I have worked for more than 2 decades in top corporate companies and I know the mentality of the young. Success is not everything, money is not everything…..


I happened to stay for three days in an elderly couple’s home, to pray for an aged, sick man who was seriously ill. Their home was a huge place with several rooms, garden and spacious front yard with lots and lots of plants; however, due to the illness of the aged gentleman, they were not able to take care of their home even though they had a maid who was just doing the bare minimum. Due to negligence, the wash basins especially were looking horrible and stained, so I volunteered to use a little bit of acid and clean the basin with a cleaning powder. The aged woman was aghast! She said that the wash basins are to be cleaned with a special kind of cleaning powder and she did not allow me to even touch the wash basin. The elderly couple have maintained their vegetable garden meticulously, watered the plants, taken good care of the mango trees but, alas, they had forgotten, ignored and neglected to give God His due reverence and fear Him. The aged gentleman reads all the secular magazines diligently, watches TV programs, movies from morning till midnight, but does not even touch the Bible. We treat ‘wash basins’ with utmost care but alas we have been careless and shoddy regarding our walk with God!! I left their home on the third day with tears! But this message comes with a caveat that we would be punished for our lackadaisical attitude towards God! Read this warning:

2 Peter 2:9”…the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptations and to reserve the unjust under punishment for the day of judgment..”

c) QUALITY AND CALIBRE OF THE FAMILY LINE: Now let me point out the character of this guy Lamech: read: 23 Lamech said to his wives, "Adah and Zillah, Listen to my voice, You wives of Lamech, Give heed to my speech, For I have killed a man for wounding me; And a boy for striking me;

From the above passage, we understand that not only did Lamech commit polygamy (first in the Bible) he also was a murderer. What more can you expect from a man like Cain who walked away from the presence of God? Hey friend, while they amass that great wealth, down the line LOT OF COMPROMISES ARE DONE. Did you get that?

• Not many pay taxes ( that includes Christians, mark that)

• Not many are true in their submission of accounts, everything is manipulated and done (that includes church too)

• Not many keep their promise (that includes pastors too)-

• Not many stick to the wife/husband they married , many Lamechs’ out there…..

A father of one of my students, studying in our Abide School for the poor, told me, ‘Madam, say something and threaten my son who is behaving like a hooligan at home, since the time of COVID 19 lockdown, I am unable to manage my children.’ By the way, three of his children are studying in our school, imagine our plight! Children today are a threat to parents, no manners, respect, obedience or good etiquettes. Online classes have brought in mobiles that had thoroughly ruined their mind and heart. Youngsters love opulence, style and ape everything that stinks of money and power. Being tech-savvy, brilliant, smart, intelligent, speaking flawless English, well groomed, with an astute mind is not enough; without God you become DUNG. We see Cain spirit everywhere today! 1 John 2: 16"For everything in the world--the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life--comes not from the Father but from the world."

What makes you think that we will escape the second wave of COVID 19 that has attacked UK, tell me? It what way are we any better?

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