Summary: God can use any one with any thing at any time and in any place! Again, the title of the message is "Cast Clouts and Rotten Rags."


“Cast Clouts and Rotten Rags”


Jeremiah’s message to the people of Israel was that should "surrender" to the King of Babylon. If they surrendered, they would live, if they did not surrender, they would die.

It must have grieved the heart of Jeremiah to have preached this message. He loved Israel. But, time and time again, in lue of one wicked king after another, Israel had shown that they were unwilling to govern themselves.

"Surrender" is still the message of the preacher today. Only our message is not for people to surrender to the King of Babylon (The world), we are to "surrender" to the King of Heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ!

If we surrender to Christ we will live, if a person rebels against the Lord of Heaven, the wages of this sin is death.

The message that Jeremiah gives to the people of Israel is not a popular one. The princes of the Kingdom have him placed into a horrible pit of mire where is likely to die of hunger.

Here is a brief four point outline:

1. God can use anyone…

Ebedmelech is not of the household of King David. Ebedmelech is not even an Israelite. He is a eunuch of Ethiopia. And yet, it is Ebedmelech that God uses to bring deliverance to the prophet Jeremiah.

2. God can use anyone at any time…

It seemed that the fate of Jeremiah was sealed. After all, the King had allowed Jeremiah to be put down into the mire of the prison house.

As Christians, through prayer, we can always appeal to a higher court! The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord. (Proverbs 21:1) Ebedmelech makes an appeal to King Zedekiah. The King not only gives him permission to rescue Jeremiah, he provides him with thirty men to assist him in his effort.

3. God can use any one, at in any time, in any place…

In the last verse of Chapter 37, Jeremiah has already been placed under house arrest and is prison. From the prison house, the message of Jeremiah still finds its way to the streets of the City.

Now, Jeremiah is in a horrible pit. His prayers still reach unto the gates of Heaven.

God is not limited by time, and place, and persons. God can use anyone, at any time in any place!

4. God can use any one with any thing at any time and in any place!

The title of the message is "Cast Clouts and Rotten Rags."

When Ebedmelech comes to the innermost prison, there are no cords to be found to let down to Jeremiah for his deliverance. Some old cast clouts and old rotten rags are found. They are tied together to make a rope. Jeremiah is told to place this homemade rope around his armpits and he is pulled to freedom.


Before we were saved, our righteousness was as "filthy rags." (Isaiah 64:6)

What a message! God can use you too!

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