Summary: Anxiety is dangerous. God invites us to cast our anxiety on Him because He cares for us.

Cast Your Anxiety On Him I P. 5:7

INTRO.: Here is a very simple, yet profound verse of Scripture. The context is Peter’s advice to young Christians. He advises humility, serenity, and watchfulness. God’s hand is mighty and this should make us humble. Not only will God deal harshly with prideful behavior, but He can provide for our needs with His mighty hand better than we can.

Sometimes, in our pride, we think we can handle all our problems ourselves. It’s interesting Peter addresses this to young men. They are most prone to pride. Instead of trying to handle everything ourselves, he advises young men to "cast all your anxiety on Him." this is a lesson one should learn early in life. It will make life much easier later.

Easier said than done. Especially for the young and inexperienced. Let’s look to God’s Word in relation to anxiety:

I. We all face a certain amount of anxiety in life:

A. How can we describe it?

1. A feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know something bad may happen.

2. Distraction: like when someone you love is sick or injured and you can’t do your work for worrying about them.

3. Stress: like the bills are due and you can’t see how you will pay them.

4. Pressure: You are expected to do a job and you don’t see how you can possibly complete it.

5. Tension: like you are the rope in a tug of war between two powerful teams. Christians enduring persecution is a good example.

B. Let me tell you about my mother:

1. She was the reigning queen of worry and she passed her crown on to me.

2. A wonderful mother, she was one of the most determined women I have ever known, but she lived in a constant state of anxiety.

3. I couldn’t count the times I heard "I don’t know where the next meal is coming from," or "how are we going to make the mortgage payment?" "Don’t play in the creek, you’ll get typhoid," "don’t play with BB guns, you’ll put out someone’s eye." etc.

4. She had rash over much of her body and the doctors blamed "nerves."

5. She was wound so tight, I don’t know how she lived to be 75 without flying to pieces. She never learned to really trust the Lord.

C. No matter what form anxiety may take, it is dangerous:

1. In the story of the four seeds, Jesus tells of the seed growing among thorns. That seed stands for those who hear the word and allow the worries of this world to choke off growth. Luke 8:14

2. Jesus warned His disciples against anxiety in speaking of the last days. Luke 21:34

3. Anxiety can disturb our peace, but it can also endanger our souls.

II. How can we guard against the destructive power of anxiety?

A. God says. "Cast all your anxiety on Him."

1. In the 19th chapter of Luke, the disciples of Jesus threw their cloaks on the back of a borrowed colt to provide a makeshift saddle for Jesus. V. 35

2. The same Greek word is used as the one translating "cast" in our text.

3. God wants us to throw our worries on His back like you throw a saddle blanket on a horse.

4. He wants to be our pack animal to carry all our burdens.

B. This is not an easy thing to do.

1. A great deal of trust is required.

2. Few learn to do it well, I’m afraid. Even though we pray and try to trust God, we tend to worry. It’s difficult to "let go and let God."

3. Like mother, we think we have to handle everything ourselves.

C. Some other Scriptures:

1. Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall." Ps. 55:22

2. Jesus admonition against worry: Matt. 6:24-34

III. We can cast our anxiety upon Him with confidence because we know He cares for us:

A. The things that concern us matter to Him.

1. Even though He is the ruler of the universe, He is a personal friend to each of us.

2. He is never too busy to hear our prayers.

3. He may seldom give us exactly what we want, but we may be sure He will give what is best for us in the long run.

B. The case of Zacchaeus. Jesus took time to help him although he had nothing to offer Jesus.

1. Jesus came to show us how God behaves and what He wants from us.

2. He had time for Zac. Even though on an important mission.

C. The proof God cares is seen in Romans 8:32.

1. We see the extent of His care on Calvary.

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