Summary: Humbly cast your cares, soberly resist the devil, and confidently stand in God’s grace.

1. It’s been my prayer that we all gain a greater love & appreciation for Pastor Peter.

a. He loves Jesus and because of that love he loves the flock!

b. Writing to those scattered, hassled believers in the first century, he encouraged & exhorted them.

c. And through Him, the Holy Spirit has encouraged and exhorted us too.

PETER REMINDS us that God gives 2nd chances in life.

• That no one is too far from the outstretched hand of grace!

• Let’s flip over to John 21:15-19

PETER REMINDS us that God cares for His flock in suffering.

• That’s the theme of the letter. Suffering comes to all of us.

• AND God actually uses suffering & trials in our lives to form & fashion us into the image of Jesus Christ.

PETER ALSO REMINDS US that the Chief Shepherd is coming again!

• That’s where true hope comes from. This world isn’t our home.

AND SO CH5 opened with exhortations to leadership.

• It’s such an important study… be sure to pick it up!

• Now he ends the chapter with 3 more gentle, but firm exhortations…

• Humbly Cast Your Cares, Soberly Resist the Devil, and Confidently Stand in His Grace.

I. (5:5-7) Humbly Cast Your Cares

1. (5) Clothed with Humility

a. Submission isn’t a new subject, Peter mentions it earlier.

b. But it is one that we need to be reminded of continually.

c. Submission is the key to humility!

d. You show me someone who is proud, loud, boisterous and causing problems & you’ll see an unsubmissive person!

NOTE: You younger people can learn something from the older saints in the church.

• It’s not old fashioned to listen to ‘senior saints’.

• Those of you growing gracefully in age, are so needed here!!!

• We love you & appreciate the years of wisdom entrusted to U!

• But might I add, don’t confuse age with maturity. Just because you’ve been walking with the Lord for years, doesn’t mean that those years have matured you spiritually!

THAT’S WHERE PRIDE SNEAKS in… I don’t have to submit. Doesn’t he know how wise I am? That little whipper snapper!

• Listen… Listen… God RESISTS the proud! No progress!

• God hates the sin of pride…

Prov 8.13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; Pride and arrogance and the evil way And the perverse mouth I hate.

• Pride is what turned Lucifer into Satan!

• Pride is what plunged the human race into sin in the Garden.

• Pride is what stumbles believers every day…

1 John 2.16 For all that is in the world--the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life--is not of the Father but is of the world.

APP: Hey… in submission, I’m trusting that my God is larger than any situation and any person in my life.

• If mom or dad make wrong decisions… I’m still right with God.

• If a pastor, or leader makes a wrong decision… I trust God.

• If my husband/wife makes a wrong decision… God is my strength

• OUR RESPONSIBILITY is not to make sure that those in authority over us make the right decisions.

• Our RESPONSIBILITY is to be right with our heavenly father no matter what He allows to come into our lives!

BECAUSE GOD gives GRACE to the humble and I want to be under the flowing fountain of God’s Amazing Grace!

2. (6-7) Therefore… HUMBLE yourselves.

a. It’s not something you want God to do. You do it.

b. You take the first step. “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me.”

c. First to God, then to those around you!

d. Then notice, God will exalt you in DUE TIME.

APP: It’s rough sometimes to be UNDER the mighty hand of God!

• The key here is: ‘DUE TIME’.

• God never exalts someone until that person is ready for it.

Psalm 75.6-7 For exaltation comes neither from the east Nor from the west nor from the south. 7 But God is the Judge: He puts down one, And exalts another.

• It’s rough sometimes waiting for God to give a promotion!

• We think we deserve more. We think we’re ready for more.

• But God in DUE SEASON, at just right time… moves in our lives!

• I’m reminded of God’s hand in my life even when I wasn’t interested, didn’t care… But He did!

Romans 5.6 For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.

APP: It’s important during times of great humbling in my life, when things aren’t happening the way I WOULD WANT…

• To just be content with what God is doing and let Him do the encouraging, the strengthening, and the promoting!

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