Summary: Jesus had compassion on people. Do we have that compassion He had for people?


Matthew 9:35-38

A. Wanted to get paid for: [ "Staring out the Window" ].

1. Several years ago, I remember seeing a double page ad in Time or Newsweek advertising some national product.

2. It was a picture of a large company executive, sitting in a fancy big office, at the top of a high rise building, starring out the window.

3. The caption at the bottom of the ad was, "Why does this man get paid $100,000 a year just for starring out the window?"

4. Kids in school are discouraged from starring out the window, or day-dreaming, as we call it.

5. A business executive can get paid very well for doing it.


A. This morning I invite you to stare out the window with me. I do want you to pay attention to my message this morning, but figuratively,let’s stare out the window as a congregation.

1. As you stare, let me lead you in the direction we need to consider for each one of us, our church, and our city in the future.

2. During a course I took at Bethel

Seminary, I began to dream and envision of what our church could be like in 3-5 years.

3. While I was there, I began to write down some thoughts about vision, the future, and I want to share my vision for this church and this city with you this morning.

4. I will not claim to have everything perfect, and in order. I am still in the process of working on it, and at some point; I hope we can work on a church vision together as a congregation.

B. What does the Lord want from us for the future? What does the Lord want for us for the future?

1. What does He want from you? What does He want from me?

2. Are our goals, our vision, our passion and our desires the same as Christ’s? Does our heartbeat beat with the same heartbeat as Jesus?

3. What does our Lord want from us now? What does He want to accomplish in us, in this church, and in this city?

4. READ Matt. 9:35-38. Today, we have hope!! We can experience Christ’s precious love - because He has redeemed us.

5. We are His redeemed people! Let us focus on going out in His greatest missionfield that He had given to us.

6. We can go out in His might, power, and wisdom as His witnesses!

7. What does Jesus want to accomplish in your life today; in this week, in this year, and in your lifetime?

C. What about 3 years from now? What about 5 years from now? Where should you be as a Christian and church worker?

1. Where should we be as a congregation? Where will we be as a congregation?

2. Spiritually, will you still be at the same place you are now? Emotionally, will things be different in your life than now?

3. Is it possible that we, as Bible Fellowship Church, might even be geographically located in a different area of Minot in 3-5 years

from now?

4. What will this congregation, or this church look like? What kind of ministries and people will actively be doing God’s work in this

church 3 years from now, or 5 years from now?



A. One of the greatest areas of Jesus’ vision in His ministry was that He had compassion on the people.

1. Jesus came along side, and ministered to people where they were at. Does our vision include those kinds of people too?

2. Are you and I the kind of people who are ready to minister Christ’s love and healing where He wants us to?

3. Staring out the window! Whether you are on North Hill or South Hill. Looking over the city.

4. When Jesus looked over the city, he had compassion. Jesus had compassion, because they were like sheep without a shepherd.

5. To see the people and the crowds is really something. Looking at people in the cars around you at the red light. Looking at the people in the grocery store or the mall. At school, or work.

6. For some of you it may not be Minot; but the people around you in Sawyer, or Max, or some other community. But for most of us, it is this city of Minot.

7. It just might mean catching the vision that the Lord has for Bible Fellowship Church to accomplish in the next several years.

B. A True and Godly vision comes from God, and from Jesus Christ. God’s vision is perfect in every way. God’s vision is perfect in every way.

1. God’s vision is not only a gift; but it is a ministry of His love and compassion He wants each one of us to live out, and to show to this city.

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