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• Incident #1:

• Cause of failure – Lack of Faith (vs 14-21).

• Incident #2:

• Cause of grief – Lack of Understanding (vs 22-23).

• Incident #3:

• Cause of amazement – Faith in Action (vs 24-26).



• Famous failures.

• You Tube video clip:

• (1). He wasn't able to speak until he was almost 4 years old and his teachers said he would "Never amount to much".

• Albert Einstein Physicist & Nobel Prize Winner.

• (2). Was demoted from her job as a news anchor because she "Wasn't fit for television".

• Host of a multi-award winning talk show & said to be 'The most influential woman in the world'.

• (3). Fired from a newspaper for "Lacking imagination" and "Having no original ideas".

• Walt Disney - creator of Mickey Mouse & winner of 22 Academy Awards.

• (4). At age 11 he was dropped from his team after being diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, which made him smaller in stature than most kids his age.

• Lionel Messi - 3 times Fifa World Player of the Year.

• (5). At 30 years old he was left devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started.

• Steve Jobs - Co-founder of Apple Inc. & Co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios.

• (6). Rejected by Decca Recording Studios, who said "We don't like their sound...they have no future in show business".

• The Beetles - The most commercially successful and critically acclaimed band in history.

• (7). His first book was rejected by 27 publishers.

• Dr Seuss - bestselling children author in history.

• (8). His finance died, he failed in business, he had a nervous breakdown and was defeated in 8 elections.

• Abraham Lincoln - 16th President of the U.S.A.

• TRANSITION: Everyone wants to be a success.

• I have never met anyone who purposely set out to be a failure.

• That may explain why so much has been written on the topic;

• The popularity of books on the topic of “How to be a Success” are big sellers.

• Quote: I think it was Theodore Roosevelt who said,

• “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”

• The simple reality is that failure is one of those ugly realities of life;

• It is a common experience to all of us to some degree.

• And the ability to handle failure in its various forms and degrees;

• Is a vital part of a Christian’s spiritual life and maturity.


• A study of the Bible soon reveals that most of the great figures of the book;

• Experienced failure at one time or another,

• Yet those failures did not keep them from effective service for God.

• i.e. Just think of Abraham, Moses, Elijah, David, and Peter.

• Though they failed at some point, and often in significant ways,

• They not only recovered from their failure, but they used it as a tool of growth;

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