Summary: Throughout scripture we find ourselves many Godly people ending up living in Caves. What are these "cave experiences". This sermon shows the "blessings" found in caves!

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Psalm 61:1-2 Hear my cry, O God; Attend to my prayer. 2From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Listen to what David said in those verses. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life? We all do from time to time! This text finds David is one of those times. He is in a dark, damp, dreary, depressing cave. He has experienced the loss every thing and every one he leaned on in his life. He is alone, defeated and discouraged. David is in one of the cave experiences of life.What David did not see at the time, but soon came to understand, was the fact that God was behind it all and in control of it all. David did not know it at the time but God was going to use his time in the cave to help David grow stronger in the Lord. The day would soon come when David would emerge from that cave far stronger in the Lord than he was when he entered that time in his life.There are times when we too find ourselves in one of life’s cave experiences. We think all of our help and strength is gone. We feel alone, discouraged and deserted. Ever been there? Sure you have. In fact, some are there right now! Well, like David, when we are dwelling in one of the caves of life, we often fail to see the hand of God in what we are facing. But, I would remind you today that just as surely as God is behind all the blessings of life; He is behind all the burdens as well, Isa. 45:7; Psa. 37:23; Rom. 8:29-29.This passage contains some blessings that we need to consider today. Here, we can learn something about the cave experiences of life ands how we can come out of them stranger than we entered them. I want to take this episode from the life of David and preach about Climbing Out Of Your Cave. Notice the blessings that are contained in this passage.


A. The Reality Of Sorrow – David has been brought to the absolute bottom of life! He is hurting, he is broken and he is defeated. The Crown Prince of Israel is living in a cave! He does not rest his head on a sumptuous bed in the palace, but on the unyielding rocks of a cave! He no longer sleeps in the bed of the princess, but he seeks rest in the damp darkness of a forsaken cave. He does not find comfort in the house of a friend, but he fights loneliness in a deserted, dirty cave. (Ill. Psalm 142 was written during this period of time.)

(Note: There are times like that ordained for each of us as well. We should not expect to get through this life untouched and unaffected by hardship and sorrow. In fact, the Bible is perfectly clear about this matter, Job 14:1; Job 5:7; John 16:33; Eccl. 2:17; Eccl. 2:23. Just as they were for David, sorrows are part of our earthly experience.) (Ill. Thank God for a home where they cannot follow us – Rev. 21:4.)

B. The Reality Of Suffering – God allowed David to come to this cave, as we learned last week, so that David might learn not to lean on the props of family, friends, finances, fame, the flesh or the future. David was taught, through his sufferings, to wholly lean upon the Lord. You see, God was not trying to destroy David. He was not trying to discipline David. God was attempting to develop David in the man of God the Lord wanted him to become.

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