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Summary: All human beings, by virture that they are people, have certain rights and responsibilities. What does God say about the sanctity of human life? (parts of this sermon came from a sermon by Larry Moyner, What does God say about Sanctity of Life?)

Celebrate Life!


Unborn, elderly, disabled, terminally ill- are they a burden to society or do they have intrinsic value?

Abortion, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, what do these speak to us about the value of human life?

Sept 11, 2001- over 3500 people died- WTC.

Did you know- Sept 12, 2001, over 4000 people died?

But that story was never told on the news.

Today- Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

What does the sanctity of life mean?

Sanctity- the state of being holy or sacred

Sacred- entitled to reverence/respect, highly valued

In Mat 24- see one of the signs of the end of the age-

Mat 24:12 (NIV) Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold,

Today we see- increasing devaluation of human life.

Christianity and Human History

Many Christians do not understand the impact that Christianity (Jesus Christ) had on human history.

In pre-Christian history there were people groups that were not considered to be fully human beings.

Judaism brought to- world- idea- all human beings are made in God’s image- regardless of- race/sex/age.

This is why we talk about our Judeo-Christian values.

It was Christianity that brought to the world the idea that all human beings are equal in dignity.

It is not that all people are the same, but they all enjoy certain basic rights because they are people.

Important- being created equal in dignity does not mean all men have the same advantages in life-

-some are born beautiful, some not,

-some are born poor, some rich.

But all human beings, by virtue that they are people, have certain rights and responsibilities.

When we talk about- sanctity of human life- must be careful not to be distracted by peripheral issues.

In the public arena we can debate-

sexual sin/purity, pro-life/abortion,

euthanasia/prolonging life though life support,

the morality of physician assisted suicide,

but- question- we should be asking is-

How does God feel about-sanctity of life?

It is not a question of what I feel or think.

Baseball game- player hits the ball far out in left field- bases are loaded- player on 2nd base makes it to home- collides w/catcher. One team yells- He’s safe, the other team yells- He’s out. The umpire looks at both teams and says-

“He ain’t nothing till I call him.”

Issue- not how I feel about life-but how does God feel.

Six truths about life we must not misunderstand

1. God established the value of human life

Some people will tell you God created man because He was disappointed in the monkey.

Not true- God created man to reflect His glory.

Gen 1:26-27

If you want to show people what God is like, there is no creature you can look at other than man.

Man is a living image of God and was created to reflect His majesty on the earth.

Danger of evolutionary theory- reduces value of man.

2. Human life begins at conception

Psa 139:13-16 (Jer 1:5)

David affirms that God’s work in his life started when he was in his mother’s womb.

3. Even imperfect people are God’s children

Advances in medical science enable us to see physical imperfections of a child in- womb- even fix them.

An imperfect person- whether in the womb- or at any time in life-does not make them less a child of God.

When God came to call Moses, Moses felt inadequate-

Ex 4:10-12

God fashions each person according to His wisdom.

We are all born imperfect, but God’s grace/power is sufficient to enable us to do/be what He created us.

4. What God starts man does not have the right to end

Ex 20:13 (NAS) You shall not murder.

God values all life, even life in the womb.

Ex 21:22-25

Abortion is man deciding to end what God started- it is taking human life, created to reflect God’s glory.

If you had an abortion- God forgives. God abhors all sin, not just abortion. God will forgive all of our sins if we turn to Christ as our Savior. Once God has forgiven our sins, they are gone.

Physician assisted suicide/euthanasia- also end a life that God created to reflect His glory.

5. God loves life in the womb even though it is sinful

Psa 51:1-5

The unborn child stands before God as a sinner because he reflects the sinful nature of Adam.

Everyone is born a sinner in need of a Savior.

God has provided a way out through Jesus Christ.

6. God wants everyone to live eternally with Him

Jn 3:16For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

God’s desire is for every man to be saved and live eternally with Him- His love for man is that strong.

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